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(NL106) AC-DC Amplifier

Product Summary

Features continuously adjustable attenuation or amplification using a locking ten-turn potentiometer (0 to x10) or (0 to x100).


  • Attenuation or amplification
  • Continuously adjustable
  • Locking ten-turn potentiometer
    • 0 to x10
    • 0 to x100

The NL106 AC/DC Amplifier has input controls are similar to those of conventional oscilloscope vertical amplifiers, allowing operation in AC or DC coupled, single-ended (inverting or non inverting) or differential modes. Up to ±2 VDC at either input can be zeroed using the ten-turn DC OFFSET adjustment. The output voltage is shown by 4 light-emitting diodes: two red LEDs show outputs in excess of 50 mV and 1.0 V; two green LEDs show corresponding negative outputs. Thus, adjustment of gain and DC offset can be accomplished without an oscilloscope monitor. Low drift, low noise, and moderate input impedance make the NL106 suitable either as an amplifier for low impedance sources, or as variable gain stage following a preamplifier.

Input Voltage Range ± 15 V
Input Impedance 1 MO
Gain 0 to X10 or 0 to X100 continuously variable by 10-turn potentiometer
Small Signal Frequency Response ± 1 V out >30 kHz
Low Frequency Cutoff In AC Mode 2 Hz
Output Voltage Range ± 12 V
Output Impedance 600 O
Offset Range ± 2 V at either input,10-turn potentiometer adjustment
CMRR > 2500; 1 at 50 Hz

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