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Ag/AgCl Flat Tip Probe

Product Summary

  • Ag/AgCl cylinder probes ideal for use in ionic solutions
  • Can be easily resurfaced with fine sandpaper
  • Terminated with a 2 mm tinned copper wire for soldier connection to other leads

Ag/AgCl Flat Tip Probes are Ag/AgCl cylinders encapsulated in sturdy, insulating epoxy tubes.

Probe Dimensions Model Order No.
Sensor Tip 2 x 4 mm (D x Th)
Epoxy Tube 3.5 x 25 mm (D x L)
E207 64-1311

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
64-1311 E207 Ag/AgCl electrode flat, 2 x 4 mm sensor tip, 3.5 x 25 mm epoxy tube Login Login

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