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(OTS 5000) Automatic Oscillating Tissue Slicer

Product Summary

The OTS-5000 Oscillating Tissue Slicer represents the most thoughtfully designed solution to sectioning either fixed or fresh tissue, and can prepare sections as thin as 5 microns. Embedding or freezing of the sample is not required, thus tissue preparation time is reduced dramatically. The risk of distortion and artifacts normally associated with these procedures are eliminated. The OTS-5000 meets the highest standards for precision and accuracy and it meets or exceeds the performance of units on the market costing twice as much.

The OTS 5000 now features a new innovative design of the slicer head which minimizes Z-Axis vibration. This improvement dramatically improves slice surface integrity and is especially beneficial in the use of fresh tissue where IR/DIC imaging methods are used. The unique blade holder has the ability to accept sapphire blades as well as razor blades. To minimize the time between harvesting consecutive slices, the OTS-5000 features a user programmable travel window (cutting window). This allows the section-cutting range of the blade to be customized to the specimen sample. In conjunction with the "home button", the programmable window guarantees rapid sectioning of even the largest of specimens. As well, the OTS-5000 allows the sectioning of samples in two different modes. In the single-slice mode, the unit prepares one section at a time and the blade repositions itself and waits to perform the next slice upon triggering by the user. In the multiple-slice mode, the OTS-5000 will automatically perform multiple uniform slices.


The OTS-5000 control panel has been redesigned to allow for ambidextrous and ergonomical operation. The keypad has been sealed to avoid exposure from buffer spills. The tray is made from molded clear polycarbonate for improved viewing of the slicing operation. The tray is removable to facilitate specimen mounting and cleaning. Two white LED's are installed in the blade head, which provide constant cold-illumination of the specimen during the slicing process.

Automatic Oscillating Tissue Slicer (OTS 5000)


The OTS-5000 is engineered for maximum stability, allowing even the most delicate of tissue to be cut successfully every time. The knife holder allows the blade to be well-secured and the blade angle set from 10-20 degrees. The specimen mount is adjustable on the x, y, and z axis. Blade oscillation is adjustable from 50-5000 cycles/minute, the knife advance is continuously adjustable with a touch of the keypad from 0-5mm/s, and the section thickness is adjustable in 1 micron increments ranging from 1-999 microns. This precision slicer features automatic touch selection of section thickness, blade speed, advance, and a user-defined travel window so that consecutive sections may be cut easily and rapidly. Other OTS-5000 features include: Touch pad control of the blade height, slice counter / slice thickness, precise bar graph displays of blade oscillation and advance speeds.

The OTS-5000 is designed for easy operation and maintenance. The specimen collecting tray is removable and easy to clean. All controls may be set with one hand with options for multiple slicing modes.

The unit comes complete with gooseneck magnifying lens, media tray (2.5" wide) and pedestal, specimen vice holder, blocks, as well as a foot switch with 6' cable. A large tray (3.5" wide) is available as an option and comes complete with fixed stage and adjustable pedestals.

The tissue pedestal with pivotal pin (included with media tray) allows for the mounting of a specimen directly to the pedestal and the ability to change the angle of your specimen relative to the blade, offering maximum flexibility in specimen orientation. The sample vice with pivotal pins (also included in package) allows for the adherence of your specimen directly to a mounting block.


Updates and Advantages of the OTS 5000 Series

  • Cutting window for automatic sectioning allows for faster and more reliable sectioning.
  • Control pad with membrane buttons is now separated from the slicer module for improved ergonomics and protection of electronic components.
  • 3-axis adjustable specimen mounting pedestal.
  • Easy to release slicer head for safety and ease of specimen mounting.
  • Slice thickness is now adjustable from 1-999 microns (in 1 micron increments).
  • One touch "home" button to return the blade arm to a predetermined point near the specimen.
  • The specimen tray is made from clear polycarbonate for improved viewing of the slice operation.
  • The pivot pins which come as a standard on the pedestal as well as the vice holder allow changing of the angle of the pedestal relative to the blade. Easy sample orientation in all directions.
  • The tray includes a lock-on feature for a more secure mount to the platform.
  • The standard unit comes complete with our unique pivotal tissue pedestal (you can mount the specimen directly on the pedestal without the need for vices or blocks mounted in the sample tray).

Automatic Oscillating Tissue Slicer (OTS 5000)

The OTS-4500 Tissue Slicer

The OTS-4500 Tissue Slicer is a scaled down version of the OTS-5000. All of the specifications of the OTS-5000 are the same for the OTS-4500. The only differences between the two units are as follows:

The OTS 4500 does not include:
Functional Features
  1. Adjustable window
  2. Multi-Slice function
  3. Home functionality
  1. Foot Switch
  2. Tissue Blocks
  3. Vice Holder

The OTS-5000 Refrigerated Controller and Tray

The OTS-5000 Refrigerated Controller and Tray provide refrigeration capabilities to the OTS-5000 Tissue Slicer. The refrigeration controller's three-digit LED displays the current temperature of the bath medium in degrees C. The temperature is maintained within 0.5°C. The temperature range on the unit is between 0-10°C.

The refrigerated tray is fitted with a Peltier heat exchange unit. A cold water source is circulated through the assembly to transfer heat. The tubing is connected to the tray with quick connect fittings. No tools are necessary for installation. The fittings are self sealing to prevent leaking during installation. The tray fits directly to the mounting platform of the OTS 5000.

Vertical travel: 28mm
Slice Thickness: Adjustable from 1 to 999 microns in 1 micron increments
Blade Speed: Adjustable from 50- 5000 cycles per minute
Blade Angle Adjustment: Adjustable from 15° to 35 °
Blade Travel: 35mm total
Blade Types: Sapphire, Razor, Diamond, Glass
Blade Advance Speed: Continuously adjustable from 100 microns-5mm per second
Blade Reverse Speed: 2.5 mm per second
Specimen Size: 25mm Wide x 25mm Diameter x 15mm High maximum volume
Magnifier: 4" diameter, X2 lens mounted on 12" (30cm) gooseneck, 9" working distance
Lighted: White LED's mounted on the knife holder aimed at blade edge.


Slicer: 27cmx40cmx21.5cm (10.5"x16 x7.5")
Keypad: 17cm x 8.5cm x 3.4cm (6.7" x 3.4" x 1.35")
Weight: 13kg (30 lbs)
Power Requirements: 110-240VAC, 50-60Hz universal power input. Available with CE Mark
Display: 3 segment LED display of slice counter and thickness. (Changes with appropriate buttons) 20 segment LED's bar graph display blade oscillation and advance speed.
Specimen Mount: X, Y, Z axis adjustable pedestal: 1 3/4" x 2 1/2"
Mounting Blocks 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 " (3 each) /1 x 1 x 1" (3 each)
Working Space Requirements: 12" Wide x 18" Diameter x10" High) (30cm x 45cm x 25cm)

5000 Series Refrigeration Controller and Tray

Temperature Control Range 0°- 10°C
Temperature Indication 3 digit LED display indicates temperature in 0.1oC with a negative sign indicator.
Power Requirements 115/230V AC 50-60 Hz auto ranging fused at 1 amp max current


Control Module: 8.25 x 6.25 x 5.5" (20.9cm x 15.9cm x 13.9cm)
Cooling Tray: 4.25 x 3.5 x 2.625 " (10.8cm x 8.9cm x 6.7cm) with a 3' cable (91.4cm)

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