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(SPIN-2 only) Bilayer Stirplate

Product Summary

Optimized design for planar lipid bilayer research.

  • Stir while recording
  • Independent cis/trans dipoles
  • Virtually no magnetic flux through bilayer membrane
  • Magnetic side panels
  • External, isolated controller
  • Rack mount controller available
  • Does not include bilayer cup/chamber

Unique multi-dipole design - Optimized design for planar lipid bilayer research

Warner Instruments remains the only company dedicated to supplying instruments specifically designed for research using planar lipid bilayer technology and this device forms an integral component of the Bilayer Workstation.

Bilayer Stirplate

Bilayer work often requires stirring of contents on both sides of a bilayer membrane. The SPIN-2 Bilayer Stirplate achieves this task by providing two spinning dipoles in a mechanically quiet apparatus.

Stirring of solutions in a bilayer cup and chamber has traditionally been achieved using a commercial stirplate. Unfortunately, these devices are not designed for use in a bilayer rig and present a single rotating magnetic dipole to the bilayer chamber.

A result of these characteristics is that it is impossible to simultaneously stir both wells since the stirbars will be drawn to a common rotational axis defined by the stirplate magnet. The resulting collisions between the stirbars and the bilayer cup introduces a noise artifact into the acquired data. Many researchers avoid this problem by not stirring while recording, which is an undesirable state of affairs.

The SPIN-2 stirplate from Warner Instruments is designed to specifically address these problems experienced by researchers in the field.

First, it has two separate spinning dipoles, one each for the cis and trans wells. This design allows the stirbars within each well to be independently controlled which virtually abolishes cup/stirbar collisions. The relative separation between the two dipoles is adjustable allowing the apparatus to be used with bilayer cups and chambers of different sizes.

Second, the rotation characteristics (speed and phase) of the two spinning dipoles is digitally controlled. This allows the device to present the minimum magnetic flux to the bilayer membrane. A liquid crystal display allows the researcher to view the rotating dipoles in real-time.

Third, the apparatus is both electrically isolated and mechanically quiet. In addition, steel strips are provided on each side of the liquid crystal window for attachment of magnetic holders and the like. This provides a convenient method of positioning a perfusion head.

Taken together, these features allow the SPIN-2 to be used while acquiring data. This unique instrument is designed to operate with the included stand alone controller or with the SUNStir Dual Function Controller.

Power on/off switch, Speed rotary control
Position adjust (rotary)
LED; flashes once per complete rotation
Magnetic field display; passive LCD
Speed range 300 to 600 RPM
Synchronization Counter-rotating with magnets repelling
Position adjustment
0.4 to 2.5 inches
Stirplate 5.5 x 8.0 x 2.3 in (W x D x H)
Stirplate 3.0 lb

Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
64-1513 SPIN-2 Dual-dipole stirplate with table top controller, 240 VAC Login Login
64-0074 SPIN-2 Dual-dipole stirplate with table top controller, 120VAC Login Login
64-0420 MAG-13 Stir Bars, 2 x 5mm for 1 ml cuvettes, 5 pack Login Login
64-0421 MAG-22 Stir Bars, 2 x 7mm for 3 ml cuvettes, 5 pack Login Login
Replacement Parts
64-0454 BNA48 Ground cable, banana-banana, 48" Login Login

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