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Corporate Information

Warner Instruments is a part of


We are pleased to be a member of a growing family of electrophysiology companies which includes:
Multi Channel Systems (MCS) GmbH, HEKA Elektronik GmbH, and Triangle BioSystems International .

Warner Instruments multichannel systems (MCS)
HEKA Triangle Biosystems (TBSI)

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Warner Instruments is also the source for the
Medical Systems Research Products (Med Systems), Clark Electromedical Instruments, and Navicyte Epithelial Transport (Ussing) Systems
brand names.

Harvard Apparatus Corporate


Warner Instruments is also a member of a growing family of companies under the Harvard Apparatus umbrella which includes:
Biochrom, BioDrop, BTX, CMA Microdialysis, Colbourne Instruments, Data Sciences International (DSI),
Harvard Apparatus Canada, Harvard Apparatus France, Hoefer, Hugo Sachs Elektronic, Panlab, and Scie-Plas.

biochrom BioDrop BTX
CMA Coulbourn Instruments DSI
Harvard Apparatus Canada Harvard Apparatus France Hoefer
HSE Panlab Scie-Plas

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Harvard Apparatus is also the source for the
AmiKa, International Market Supply (IMS), and Stronghold
brand names.

Our Mission


Smart Ephys and Warner Instruments is a diverse group of multi-talented people who design, manufacture, market, and distribute scientific instrumentation for the worldwide life sciences research community. It's our philosophy to offer top quality products at competitive prices.

Integrity, Value, and Fair Profit are the principles which guide our interactions with customers, employees, vendors and associates.