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(SUN-1 only) Halogen Lamp

Product Summary

The SUN-1 is a halogen lamp with magnetic base and external controller. It provides noise-free illumination necessary for research using the planar lipid bilayer.

  • Improved performance!
  • Noise free electronics
  • Halogen bulb
  • Adjustable spotlight intensity with external control device
  • Magnetic base with gooseneck and swivel-head lamp
  • Rack mount controller available
Illumination with Magnetic Base -- Optimized design for planar lipid bilayer research

Warner Instruments remains the only company dedicated to supplying instruments specifically designed for research using planar lipid bilayer technology and this device forms an integral component of the Bilayer Workstation.


The SUN-1 is an externally controlled, noise-free halogen light source suitable for inclusion in a shielded enclosure. The magnetic base attaches securely to any steel tabletop and the lamp swivel-head allows projection of the beam in virtually any direction. Recent modifications to the design of the reflector result in significant improvements in the lamp's performance.


The lamp is comprised of a magnetic base with 12" gooseneck for accurate positioning of the illumination spot. A jointed swivel-head at the end of the gooseneck allows the beam to easily subtend a solid angle of 2 steradians (half of a sphere).Beam intensity is adjustable to one of eight levels via the rack-mount controller. The lamp electronics are well isolated to prevent the introduction of external EMF into the Faraday cage enclosure and allows recording of data even while the lamp is on.

Dichroic reflector

A dichroic reflector reduces much of the projected heat from the lamp and allows longer illumination times without significant warming the object under study.

Lamp Halogen bulb, dichroic reflector; 20 W-12 V.
High impact polyamide housing; swivel head; spot reflector; clear lens
Gooseneck 1.4 cm diameter x 30.5 cm length; with PVC sleeve

Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
64-0061 SUN-1 Halogen lamp with tabletop controller, 120 VAC, 60 Hz Login Login
64-1512 SUN-1-CE Halogen lamp with tabletop controller, 200-240 VAC 50/60Hz Login Login
Accessories and Replacement Parts
64-0065 SUN-DCH Replacement 12W-12V Dichroic bulb for SUN-1 Login Login
64-0454 BNA48 Ground cable, banana-banana, 48" Login Login

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