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Introduction to NeuroLog System

Product Summary

The NeuroLog System is now widely accepted throughout the world by scientists who demand high quality, dependability and innovation in their research instrumentation.

  • Intracellular Recording
  • Extracellular Recording
  • Spike Detection
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Pulse & Train Generation
  • Multi-channel EMG or EEG Recording
  • Pressure or other Transducer Recordings

The NeuroLogTM System is now widely accepted throughout the world by scientists who demand high quality, dependability and innovation in their research instrumentation.

Because the NeuroLogTM System is fully modular, it has the following well-recognized advantages over non-modular, multi-purpose instruments.

  • It is more flexible. Complex systems can be quickly assembled or modified.
  • It is more efficient. Modules can be shared among several set-ups, expanding capabilities without duplication. Only those modules required for a particular task are tied up and occupy rack space.
  • Fewer interface problems. Input and output levels, impedances, connectors, etc., of different modules in the system are compatible, minimizing the problems encountered in interconnecting pieces of equipment of diverse origin.
  • It is less costly. Only those modules actually required are purchased. You do not pay for all those functions added to an instrument to make it general purpose.
  • Individual modules can be added to the system at any time, as the scope and orientation of your application changes.

Each module has a split ring handle attached to its front panel. This handle serves as a cable run and as a handle for withdrawing or inserting the module into the case. All module outputs are short circuit proof. The extensive use of standard transistor-transistor logic (TTL, the standard logic in small computers) and standard linear integrated circuits ensures the lowest possible cost and highest possible compatibility with other instruments. The output levels and impedances of the linear inputs and outputs are appropriate for general purpose oscilloscopes and low gain chart recorders, etc. The NeurologTM System is also compatible with the components most frequently used in special circuitry built by individual investigators to meet their own particular needs.

Module Interconnection

The general problem of module interconnection has been minimized in the Neurolog" System by a unique method of automatic connection of outputs and inputs of neighboring modules through the case edge connectors. Thus, for many linear arrangements of modules, only the input and output cables connecting the system to the preparation and to output devices such as oscilloscopes, recorders, etc., are required. Front panel controls are therefore not obscured by cables which merely connect each module to the next. More complex module arrangements will, however, require some front panel cable interconnection; between 5 and 10 cables of various lengths will be required for a typical 13-module system. No cables are supplied with the case.


Only microminiature coaxial connectors with a snap-on action are used in the NeurologTM System, eliminating the nuisances caused by connectors such as the BNC and UHF types which have a twist-on or screw-on action. All external connections between modules are made through miniature, screened coaxial cable, which reduce cross-talk and transient pick-up, as well as eliminating the tangling of fine, unscreened wires and 1 mm (or 2 mm or 4 mm) plugs frequently used for patching in other modular systems. A variety of assembled cables, plugs, sockets, BNC to NeurologTM adapters and T type connectors are available.

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
65-0283 NL900C Rack/case with power supply Login Login
65-0236 NL120 Audio Amplifier Login Login
65-0323 NL985 Loudspeaker for NL-120 Login Login
65-0219 NL50 Neurolog blank module Login Login
65-0223 NL102GH Replacement headstage for NL-102G Login Login
65-0230 NL108T2/10 Disposable pressure transducer, 10 pack Login Login
65-0396 NL08 Metal electrode adapter pin Login Login
65-0239 NL134 4-Channel LowPass Filter, without notch filter Login Login
65-0240 NL135 4-Channel LowPass Filter, with 50 Hz hotch filter Login Login
65-0241 NL136 4-Channel LowPass Filter, with 60 Hz notch filter Login Login
72-4222 NL108T4 Blood pressure transducer Login Login
65-0324 NL800BATT Set of five batteries for NL-800 Login Login
65-0638 NL04 Tungsten micro-electrode holder Login Login
65-0295 NL962 Lemo 1-pole (standard Neurolog plug) Login Login
65-0296 NL963 Lemo 4-pole for NL-103, NL-107 Login Login
65-0297 NL963K Lemo 4-pole for NL-104A, NL-108A Login Login
65-0298 NL967K Lemo 6-pole for NL-102G Login Login
65-0299 NL968K Lemo 2-pole for NL-410 Login Login
65-0300 NL969P Lemo 9-pole insulated for NL-820A Login Login
65-0312 NL969T T Connector for dual NL-822, NL-832 Login Login
Blank Neurolog Front Panels for Current Royal Blue NL900D's
65-0632 NL910D-1 Single Width Panel Login Login
65-0635 NL910D-6 Hex Width Panel Login Login
65-0634 NL910D-4 Quad width panel Login Login
65-0637 NL911D-1 Single Width Panel with Handle and Panel Screws, No PCB Mounts Login Login
65-0633 NL910D-2 Double Width Panel Login Login
65-0636 NL910D-8 Octal width panel Login Login
Panel-Mounted Sockets
65-0301 NL944 Lemo 4-pole, as on NL-103 and NL-107 Login Login
65-0304 NL969S Lemo 9-pole insulated, as on NL-820A Login Login
65-0303 NL964 Lemo RA-00250 (standard Neurolog socket) Login Login
65-0302 NL944K Lemo 4-pole,as on NL-104A, NL-108A Login Login
System Accessories Cables
65-0285 NL952 Cable, with male connector at one end and tinned leads at other end, 2 m length Login Login
65-0288 NL975 2-Way cable with 2 x 4 mm plugs (for NL-120), 1 m Login Login
65-0387 NL951-30cm Cable, with male Lemo connectors on both ends, 30 cm length Login Login
65-0385 NL951-2m Cable, with male Lemo connectors on both ends, 2 m length Login Login
65-0287 NL953K 4-Way cable with one plug, mates with NL-104A/ NL-108A Login Login
65-0386 NL951-15cm Cable, with male Lemo connectors on both ends, 15 cm length Login Login
65-0284 NL951-1m Cable, with male Lemo connectors on both ends, 1 m length Login Login
65-0286 NL953 4-Way cable with one plug, mates with NL-103/ NL-107 Login Login
65-0388 NL951-45cm Cable, with male Lemo connectors on both ends, 45 cm length Login Login
Amplifier Modules
65-0362 NL844 4-Channel preamplifier Login Login
65-0642 NL100RK Preamplifier and Stimulus Relay Login Login
65-0225 NL106 AC-DC Preamplifier Login Login
65-0278 NL822 AC Preamplifier, 2-channel remote Login Login
65-0220 NL100AK Differential headstage for NL-103, NL-104 and NL-107 amplifiers Login Login
65-0224 NL104A AC Preamplifier Login Login
65-0277 NL820A Isolation amplifier, 4 channel Login Login
65-0222 NL102G DC preamplifier, with headstage and NL-412 pulse generator Login Login
65-0227 NL108A Pressure amplifier Login Login
A/D Interface Modules
65-0243 NL201 Spike Trigger Login Login
65-0260 NL601 Pulse integrator Login Login
Analogue Modules
65-0255 NL506 Analog Switch Login Login
65-0252 NL410 Calibration module Login Login
65-0266 NL703 EMG integrator Login Login
Digital Modules
65-0261 NL603 Counter Login Login
65-0253 NL501 Logic gate Login Login
65-0630 NL 405 Pulse Width/Delay Login Login
Generator Modules
72-4220 NL412 Pulse generator Login Login
65-0248 NL304 Period generator Login Login
65-0247 NL301 Pulse generator Login Login
Stimulator Modules
72-4221 NL512 Biphasic pulse buffer Login Login
65-0256 NL510 Pulse buffer Login Login
65-0276 NL800 Stimulus Isolator, constant current Login Login
Other Items
65-0320 NL970/10 Stacking Plugs, 1 mm D, 10 pack Login Login
65-0322 NL980 Edge connector extender cable Login Login
65-0321 NL972/10 Gold plugs, 2 mm dia, 10 pack Login Login
Cable Mounted Sockets
65-0307 NL966K 6-Pole (Matches NL-102GH) Login Login
65-0306 NL965K 4-Pole (Matches NL-100AK / NL-850A) Login Login
65-0305 NL965 4-Pole (Matches NL-100A) Login Login
Extension Cables
65-0291 NL954K 4-Way extension cable for NL-100AK, NL-104A, NL-108A, NL-850A, 2 m length Login Login
65-0294 NL956K 6-Way extension cable for NL-102G, 2 m length Login Login
65-0290 NL954 4-Way extension cable for N100A / N103 / N107, 2 m length Login Login
65-0293 NL955K 6-Way extension cable for NL-102, standard keyway , 2 m length Login Login
65-0289 NL950 One-way with plug (standard Neurolog Style), 10 cm L Login Login
65-0292 NL955 6-Way extension cable for NL-102, with split socket , 2 m length Login Login
Pressure and Force Transducers
72-4223 NL108D4 Replacement dome for NL-108T4, 1 pack Login Login
72-4224 NL108D4/10 Replacement dome for NL-108T4, 10 pack Login Login
65-0229 NL108T2 Disposable pressure transducer, 1 pack Login Login
65-0231 NL108L2 Lead for NL-108T2 to NL-108A Login Login
Filter and Conditioner Modules
65-0238 NL126 Low pass and high pass filters, with 60 Hz notch Login Login
65-0259 NL530 4-Channel Conditioner Login Login
65-0237 NL125 Low pass and high pass filters, with 50 Hz notch Login Login
65-0242 NL144 4-Channel HighPass Filter, without notch filter Login Login
65-0643 NL143 3-Channel differential amplifier Login Login
65-0310 NL960 BNC plug to Lemo socket Login Login
65-0309 NL957K 4-Way adapter for NL-100A to NL-104A Login Login
65-0308 NL957 4-Way extension cable for NL-100AK to NL-103, 2 m length Login Login
65-0311 NL961 Lemo onepole T connector Login Login
Accessory Kit
65-0314 NL976 NL-102G headstage accessory kit Login Login
65-0313 NL973A NL-100AK headstage accessory kit Login Login

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