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(OW Series) Objective Warmers

Product Summary

  • Reduces thermal gradient between objective and sample
  • No direct contact between warmer and objective
  • Heated collar warms the surrounding air which then gently warms the objective
  • Fits microscope objectives from most manufactures
  • Can also be powered from Warner’s low noise TC-324C / TC344C temperature controller
  • Can also be powered from a12 volt battery for sensitive electrophysiology applications

A common problem with immersion optics is the loss of thermal control of the solution directly adjacent to the microscope objective. The need to keep a sample at a temperature different from ambient during observation is directly compromised by the heat-sink character of the microscope objective.

The OWS Series Objective Warmer from Warner Instruments provides a simple and effective method for maintaining a stable temperature within a microscope objective. This in turn reduces the thermal gradient between the lens and sample.

A thermally controlled collar attaches to the microscope objective via soft silicone rings. The collar incorporates a resistive heater and thermistor which allows the included electronic controls to maintain the objective warmer at a constant and well maintained temperature.


Heat generated by the isolated collar is not directly communicated to the objective but is instead distributed around the objective via a conducting sleeve.

The conducting sleeve warms the surrounding air, which in turn gently warms the objective. This approach allows the apparatus to take full advantage of the thermal characteristics of the surrounding air. The warmer achieves its task without directly contacting or exposing the objective to significant stresses associated with temperature gradients.

Collars are available to fit objectives from most microscope manufacturers and custom designs are available.


Model A B C D
OW-1 .910 [23.1] Ø 1.26 [32.0] Ø 1.58 [40.1] Ø .75 [19.1]
OW-2 .91 [23.1] Ø 1.46 [37.0] Ø 1.75 [44.4] Ø .87 [22.2]

TC-124 Specifications

Input Voltage Range 9 to 16 VDC
Max. Output Current 1.2 A
Max. Output Power 13 W
Temperature Ranges (4) Set by DIP Switch: Ambient to +65°C
Meter 3-Digit LED display
Meter Resolution 0.1°C
Panel Indicators Red: Heat-up Condition
Green: Heat-down Condition
Yellow: Displaying Set-Temperature
Features Pushbutton entry of Set-Temperature Set-Temperature displayed for 3 seconds after setting
Enclosure Dimensions H x W x D: 2.12 x 6.66 x 11.16 cm
Weight 92 grams
Warranty One year, parts & labor

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
Objective Warmer Systems
64-1676 OWS-2 Objective Warmer System, for 30-35 mm objectives, includes TC-124A controller Login Login
64-1664 OWS-1 Objective Warmer System, for 23-30 mm objectives, includes TC-124A temperature controller Login Login
Objective Warmers
64-1665 OW-1 Objective warmer, for 23-30 mm objectives, requires TC-124A controller Login Login
64-1674 OW-2 Objective warmer, for 30-35 mm objectives; requires TC-124A controller Login Login
64-1665D OW-1D Objective warmer, for 23-30 mm objectives; requires TC-324C/TC-344C controller Login Login
64-1674D OW-2D Objective warmer, for 30-35 mm objectives; requires TC-324C/TC-344C controller Login Login
Heater Controllers
64-1545 TC-124A Heater controller, handheld, single channel, 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz Login Login
64-2400 TC-324C Heater controller, single channel, 110-230 VAC, 50/60Hz Login Login
64-2401 TC-344C Heater controller, dual channel, 110-230 VAC, 50/60Hz Login Login

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