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(F3000) Photonic LED Fiber Optic Cold Light Source

Product Summary

The F3000 fiber optic illuminator for microscopy delivers high-performance LED illumination for the most demanding applications


  • Brighter than a 150 W halogen light source
  • Extended service life
  • 70% energy savings
  • 5800 K color temperature
  • Electronic shutter
  • Continuously variable luminance
  • LCD display
  • Metallic housing
  • Quiet fan
  • Controllable via USB or foot switch


The advantages of fiber optic illumination can be found in the creation of maximum illumination density in a small area. At magnifications greater than 40x in connection with very small object fields of only a few millimeters, the Photonic fiber optic spot lighting with integrated focusing lenses provides more than sufficient brightness for examining dark coloured and light absorbing objects.

The Photonic F3000 LED light source has been developed for routine and high end microscopy applications. It's compatible with all Photonic fiber optic light guides and can outperform a 150W halogen light source in terms of luminosity. The robust metal housing is designed for long-term, stable operation and is stacking capable.

Light guides

The F3000 LED light source is compatible with Photonic's single and dual arm light guides.

The Dual Arm gooseneck light guide has two 55 cm (21") arms, each with 4.5 mm diameter.

Photonic LED Fiber Optic Cold Light Source (F3000)


The Single Arm Flexible light guide is 100 cm (39") long and is available in a 5 mm diameter.

Note that the Flexible Arm light guide is highly flexible and will require a separate clamp for holding it in position in your work space.

Photonic LED Fiber Optic Cold Light Source (F3000)
LED F3000 (includes USB Cable, 100–240 V power supply and US power cord)
Lamps Hi-power LEDs
Luminance ~640 lm for fibre Ø 8 x 1000 mm
Color temperature ~5,800 K
Maximum fibre diameter 9 mm
Service life ~30,000 h (70% output luminance)
Cooling Axial fan
Supply 12 VDC, 5420 mA
Power input 65 Watt
Ambient environment 10–40 °C, max. 80% relative humidity
Light guide connection Ø 15 mm
Rear connections USB for control via PC, 2.5 mm jack for foot switch, ESD socket, DC socket
Display Graphics display for operating status and comprehensive menu functions
Approval CE EMC Directive 2004/108/EE
Dimensions 98 x 170 x 196 mm (H x W x D), without projecting parts
Weight 3.8 kg

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
69-4033 F3000 F3000 LED Cold light source - US power cord Login Login
Light Guides - Gooseneck arm
69-3751 4/555 DGN Dual arm gooseneck fiber optic light guide for F3000 light source, 4.5 mm dia, 550 mm (21") long each arm Login Login
Light Guides - Flexible arm

(Very flexible - requires clamp to hold)

69-3753 5/1000 DGN Dual arm flexible fiber optic light guide for F3000 light source, 5 mm dia, 1000 mm (39") long each arm Login Login
69-4028 5/1000 SGN Single flexible arm fiber optic for F3000 light source, 5 mm diameter, 1000 cm (39") long Login Login

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