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(NL108A) Pressure Amplifier

Product Summary

This pressure amplifier module is designed both for blood pressure measurements and for low pressure measurements such as intratracheal pressure.


  • Provides two gain settings
    • One gain setting appropriate for blood pressure measurements
    • One gain setting for low pressure measurements
    • Intratracheal pressure

The NL108A Pressure Amplifier module provides two gain settings, one appropriate for blood pressure measurement and the other for low pressure measurement such as intratracheal pressure. An internal voltage calibrate signal provides the appropriate deflection (1.0 V or 100 mV) for these two ranges. Other features include excellent DC stability, a push button switch for setting the zero pressure baseline on the recording instrument, and a sensitive zero offset control. Although the NL108A is designed to mate perfectly with our own pressure transducer, due to its internally adjustable gain and bridge excitation voltage, it can be used with a variety of other standard pressure transducers.

InputVoltage Range ± 10 V
Input Impedance 109 O, typical
Gain 1 V/100 mm Hg or 100 mV/cm H2O, for pressure transducer having output of 50 µV/mm Hg
DC Offset ± 80 cm H2O, ± 60 mm Hg, when switched to appropriate range
Bandwidth DC to 150 Hz
Output Voltage Range ± 12 V
Output Impedance 600 O (nom) except zero out, where O/P is - S/C direct to ground
Bridge Supply 0 to 24 V DC (25 mA)

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