Privacy Policy Statement
Warner Instruments' Privacy Policy Statement

Warner Instruments values the privacy of our customers. We provide this Privacy Policy Statement to inform you of our privacy practices and of situations where information is collected. In general, access to the Warner Instruments web site does not require self-identification, except with the two exceptions noted below.

Information collected

There are two types of information we collect: usage information and personal information. Usage information includes items such as web pages visited, browser type, etc. Usage information is only collected in an anonymous manner whenever you visit our web site. Personal information includes your name, address, and email address. This information is only collected through a submission process that you initiate. (Examples include registering for online pricing or subscribing to an email newsletter.) Personal information is not linked to usage information in any way.

Information Usage

Information collected is used to track the performance of the website for development purposes or to provide requested information to our customers. You may choose to have your personal information deleted from our database at any time via unsubscribe here or by visiting the newsletter page and selecting the Unsubscribe link on that page.

Information sharing

Warner Instruments does not share any of your personal information with any third party.


The Warner Instruments web site uses cookies to maintain your personal information. Personal information cookies exist on your computer until you delete them.

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