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Planar Lipid Bilayer Small Parts

Product Summary

Small parts to facilitate or replace Workstation consumables, including an assembled a Starter Kit to aid in completing your Bilayer Workstation.


Replacement stirbars (magnetic fleas) are available for the BCH-M13 and BCH-M22 bilayer chambers. These stirbars are PTFE coated and are available in two sizes. Stirbars are sold in packages of 5 each and come in 2x7 mm and the more difficult to find 2x5 mm sizes.

Glass Capillary Tubing

Glass capillary tubing has gained favor among bilayerologists as the preferred tool for applying lipids to the aperture in the bilayer cup. The advantages of this approach (as compared to Sable hair brushes) are durability and the ability to sterilize the applicator between uses.

G150-6 glass tubing from Warner Instruments has been chosen with dimensions that facilitate this use. The 1.5 mm OD and 15 cm length of this thick-walled tubing make for good quality glass applicators.


This includes BNC cables and PE tubing for your perfusion system.

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
64-1327 WA10-5 Silver wire, 10 cm long, 0.25 mm dia, with 1 mm pin, 2 pack Login Login
64-0420 MAG-13 Stir Bars, 2 x 5mm for 1 ml cuvettes, 5 pack Login Login
64-0421 MAG-22 Stir Bars, 2 x 7mm for 3 ml cuvettes, 5 pack Login Login
64-0772 G150-4 Premium standard wall borosilicate capillaries, 1.5 mm x 4 in Login Login
460-7032 BNC-2 BNC to BNC cable, 2 feet (Pomona) Login Login
460-7013 BNC-6 BNC to BNC cable, 6 feet (Pomona) Login Login
64-0454 BNA48 Ground cable, banana-banana, 48" Login Login
460-8090 2U Rack handle Login Login

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