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(HCS-1) Heated Top Coverslip for DH-35iL & DH-40iL Chambers

Product Summary

  • Developed for use with the DH-35i and DH-40i Microincubation chambers
  • Replaces the 40 mm coverslip normally supplied with the chamber top

Once installed, the HCS-1 eliminates condensation which occurs when the DH-35i and DH-40i chambers are used in the closed mode.

The heated coverslip derives its power from the heated base of the DH-35i or DH-40i chamber and does not require an additional temperature controller.

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
64-1543 HCS-1 Heated top coverslip for DH-35i and DH-40iL chamber Login Login
64-1544 HCS-RPL Replacement ITO coverslip for HCS-1 heated chamber top Login Login

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