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OKOLab StageTop Incubator System Overview

Product Summary

  • Designed to provide temperature, humidity and gas control on a microscope stage
  • Ideal for longitudinal studies of cell culture
  • Touch screen interface
  • Web enabled Smart Box feature

The correct temperature, humidity, and CO2 and O2 concentration are parameters essential for creating an environment that is as close as possible to the conditions within a living organism. The Okolab StageTop Incubator System is a complete apparatus designed to provide precise control of these parameters on a microscope stage. Add an optional Smart Box and you have the ability to control and monitor system performance via any web enabled device. The combined action of temperature controller, gas mixer, and humidifier acting on the stage-top chamber will ensure that your specimen feels ... at home.

A complete system is comprised of the following components:

  • Incubation chamber with chamber insert
  • Multichannel temperature controller
  • Gas controller (CO2, O2, or CO2/O2)
  • Air Pump (optional)
  • Humidity module
  • Touch screen interface
  • Smart box (optional)

StageTop Incubation Chamber

The Bold Line StageTop Incubators are available for any xy or piezo insert. The specific outer shape of the chamber depends on the insert, and to ensure a perfect fit several shapes are available. The advanced mechanical and thermal design of the chambers deliver superior performance and operational flexibility.

Multichannel Temperature Controller

The H301-T UNIT BL is the temperature controller used with the Bold Line Stage Incubator. The controller maintains control of the chamber main body, heated glass cover, and humidity module. Temperature is accurately maintained within 0.1°C from 3°C above ambient to 50°C.

Gas Controller

Gas controllers are available to independently control CO2, O2, or a mixture of the two into air or N2. Offerings include mixers in the Bold Line, Digital, and Basic Manual lines.

Bold Line controllers offer full digital control over the gas concentration, are fully integrated with Bold Line temperature controllers, and can be operated via the OKO Touch interface, OKO-Control 2.0 software, or Nis Elements software.

DGT (Digital) Line offers digital control of CO2 or O2 concentrations and use floating ball meters to set the airflow rate.

(featuring floating ball flow meters to mix the gas streams.

Basic Manual gas mixers feature floating ball meters to mix the gas streams and set the flowrate.

Humidity Module

Humidifying the gas mixture before delivery to the climate chamber is an important step. re-heating the gas helps prevent medium evaporation and avoids water condensation on glass and plastic surfaces

Touch Screen Interface

The OKO Touch is a high resolution color touch screen used to connect to any one of the Bold Line controllers. It detects the equipment available and displays the supported pages and functions.

Smart Box (optional)

The Smart Box enhances the Bold Line by adding a data logger, web server, video streaming server, and remote assistant.

StageTop System Arc

Next, select an incubation chamber:


StageTop Incubation Chambers


StageTop Chamber Sample Holder Inserts


StageTop Temperature and Humidity Control

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
System Components
64-2992 H301-T-UNIT-BL-PLUS Thermal controller, operates in both chamber and specimen feedback Login Login
64-2000 CO2 Unit-BL Bold Line CO2 Gas Controller, 0-18% range (Sale item) Login Login
64-2010 H301-BC Bubbling column Login Login
64-2965 Oko-Touch Touch screen display for Bold Line controllers Login Login
64-2008 SM-BL Smart Box (data logger, web server, and remote assistant) for Bold Line controllers Login Login
Stage Adapters
64-2060 DMSA Required for 150 x150mm opening XY stages adapts H101-WJC, H101-WJC-SLIM, H201-MEC-SLIM and H301-EC-BL into 150 x150mm opening stages. Login Login
64-2061 MANSA Required for M-frame stages, adapts H101-WJC, H201-MEC-SLIM and H301-EC-BL into M-frame stages. Login Login
64-2063 TIPA Required for TI-S-E(-R) motorized XY stages, allows H101-WJC, H101-WJC-SLIM, H201- MEC-SLIM and H301-EC-BL to fit into TI-S-E(-R) motorized XY stages. Login Login
64-2067 SAMPA Required for TI-SM and T/Ti-SP+T/Ti-SAM mechanical stages. Adapts H301-EC-BL on TI-SM stages and H201-MEC-SLIM and H301-EC-BL on T/Ti-SP+T/Ti-SAM stages. Login Login
64-2071 MVR-SA Required for IX2-KSP+CK40-MVR/IX2-SP+IX-MVR mechanical stages. Adapts H201-MECSLIM and H301-EC-BL on IX2-KSP+CK40-MVR/IX2-SP+IX-MVR mechanical stages. Login Login
64-2078 PHIPA Required for M3 stages. Adapts H301-EC-BL into M3 stages. Login Login
64-2081 THORPA Required for MLS203-1 and MLS203-2 motorized XY stages. Adapts H301-EC-BL into MLS203-1 and MLS203-2 motorized XY stages. Login Login

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