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OKOLab Cage Incubator System Overview

Product Summary

  • We are the Authorized Distributor for Okolab products in the US
  • Designed to provide temperature, humidity and gas control on a microscope stage
  • Ideal for longitudinal studies of cell culture
  • Touch screen interface
  • Web enabled Smart Box feature

The correct temperature, humidity, and CO2 and O2 concentration are parameters essential for creating an environment that is as close as possible to the conditions within a living organism. The Bold Line Cage Incubator maintains all the required environmental conditions for cell culture all around a microscopy workstation, thus enabling the user to carry out prolonged observations on biological specimens while simultaneously allowing sufficient space for other equipment.

A complete system is comprised of the following components:

  • Microscope enclosure
  • Obscuring panels (optional)
  • Climate chamber with insert (optional)
  • Temperature controller with air heater
  • Gas controller (CO2, O2, or dual CO2/O2)
  • Humidity module
  • Touch screen interface
  • Smart box (optional)
  • Filter box (optional)

Bold Line Microscope Enclosure

A controlled environment all around the microscope. The CO2 Microscope Cage Incubator is designed to maintain the required environmental conditions for cell culture around your microscopy workstation enabling prolonged observations on biological specimens and allowing space for other equipment.

Models for any inverted and upright microscope are available. A wide choice of chambers and interchangeable plate adapters allow the use of any cell culture support (petri, glass slides, multiwell plates, and others). Compatible with manual and digital CO2/O2 gas controllers.

Obscuring Panels

Obscuring panels can be assembled with the cage by means of turn to open hinges to create a darkeded environment for fluorescence experiments.

Climate chamber with insert (optional)

Climate Chamber for local CO2 and humidity conditioning.

The climate chamber fits into the microscope XY stage or piezo inserts and hosts the sample. It creates a small volume inside the cage enclosure in which the pre-mixed and pre-humidified stream of air and CO2 is continously fed.

Temperature controller with air heater

The H201 T UNIT BL is the temperature controller used with the cage incubator, it includes the air heater, and requires the Oko-Touch for operation.

Gas Controller

Gas controllers are available to independently control CO2, O2, or a mixture of the two into air or N2. Offereings include micxers in the Bold Line, Digital, and Basic Manual lines.

Bold Line controllers offer full digital control over the gas concentration, are fully intergrated with Bold Line temperature controllers, and can be operated via the OKO Touch interface, OKO-Control 2.0 software, or Nis Elements software.

DGT (Digital) Line offers digital control of CO2 or O2 concentrations and use floating ball meters to set the airflow rate.

(featuring floating ball flow meters to mix the gas streams.

Basic Manual gas mixers feature floating ball meters to mix the gas streams and set the flowrate.

Humidity Module

Mixed gas is humidified by bubbling through a glass column containing distilled water. The bubbling column is placed inside the temperature controlled enclosure to saturate the gas stream at the same temperature as the specimen.

Touch Screen Interface

The OKO Touch is a high resolution color touch screen used to connect to any one of the Bold Line controllers. It detects the equipment available and displays the supportedpages and functions.

Smart Box (optional)

The Smart Box enhances the Bold Line by adding a data logger, web server, video streaming server, and remote assistant.

The Bold Line Cage Incubator can be equipped with Bold Line gas controllers or with Manual gas mixers.

Cage Incubator System Arc

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
System Components
64-2686 H201-Enclosure Lexan Microscope Enclosure. Suitable for both inverted and upright microscopes. Same part number and price for all microscopes. Details and photos to specify the exact configuration of your scope will be needed at time of order Login Login
64-2708 H201-OP Obscuring panels. They can be added to the lexan enclosure to create a dark environment Login Login
64-2103 H201-T-UNIT-BL Temperature contol unit - Bold Line. Operated by the OKO-Touch. Can be equipped with the Smart Box for data-logging, remote operation and remote support Login Login
64-2104 H201-T-FILTER-BOX HEPA filtering unit Login Login
64-2106 H201-BC Bubbling column. Humidifies the gas stream before the inlet into the chamber Login Login
64-2965 Oko-Touch Touch screen display for Bold Line controllers Login Login
64-2008 SM-BL Smart Box (data logger, web server, and remote assistant) for Bold Line controllers Login Login
Climate Chambers
64-2133 H201-MEC-LG Stage Climate Chamber - Climate chamber Leica SP5 Super Z Galvo Stage. It requires at least one specimen holder Login Login
64-2142 H201-MEC-SP2 Stage Climate Chamber - Climate chamber Leica SP2 Galvo Stage Login Login
Inserts for H201-MEC-LG
64-2134 H201-MEC-LG-MW Stage Climate Chamber - Multiwell plate holder Login Login
64-2135 H201-MEC-LG-GS35 Stage Climate Chamber - Two standard chamber slide and two 35mm Petri-dish holder Login Login
64-2137 H201-MEC-LG-4x35 Stage Climate Chamber - Four 35mm Petri-dish holder Login Login
64-2138 H201-MEC-LG-3xGS Stage Climate Chamber - Three standard chamber slide holder Login Login
64-2140 H201-MEC-LG-1x35 Stage Climate Chamber - One 35mm Petri-dish holder Login Login
64-2141 H201-MEC-LG-1x60 Stage Climate Chamber - One 60mm Petri-dish holder Login Login
Inserts for H201-MEC-SP2
64-2143 H201-MEC-SP2-2x35 Stage Climate Chamber - Two 35mm Petri-dish holder Login Login
64-2144 H201-MEC-SP2-2xGS Stage Climate Chamber - Two standard chamber slide holder Login Login
64-2145 H201-MEC-SP2-2x[57mm]GS Stage Climate Chamber - Two 57mm chambered coverglass holder Login Login
64-2146 H201-MEC-SP2-2x60 Stage Climate Chamber - Two 60mm Petri-dish holder Login Login

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