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Cage Incubator Temperature and Humidity Control

Product Summary

  • Filtered recirculation of heating air
  • Heating air diffusors
  • Temperature accuracy 0.1°C
  • Internal resolution 0.01°C
  • Operates in sample or enclosure feedback modes
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Web operation via optional Smart Box
  • SDK available for integration in third party software
  • Connects to the BL gas controllers through quick connector bus


Air Heater with filter


Temperature Controller - H201-T UNIT BL

The H201-T UNIT BL is the temperature controller used with the cage incubator, it includes the air heater and requires an Oko Touch for operation. Temperature precision is 0.1°C from 3°C above ambient to 40°C.

The controller maintains the air blown into the enclosure at the desired temperature, and recycles the heating air which enters into the enclosure through air diffusers. A on optional filter box can be attached to the heater unit to insure that the recycled air is dust and bacteria free.

OKOLab StageTop Incubator System Overview


Filtering and Flow Control

The air heater has double inlets and outlets for recycling the heated air. The optional filtering unit attaches to one side of the heater unit and supplies HEPA level air filtering.

Flow rate and temperature sensors are continuously monitored and allow fast start-up and stable gradient free operation during the experiment. Air flow rate and temperature are set using the OKO Touch.

OKOLab StageTop Incubator System Overview


Feedback Control Modes

There are two ways to operate the system depending on which temperature sensor is used to provide feedback to the H201-T UNIT BL control unit.

In the specimen feedback mode, feedback is provided by a sensor placed inside the climate chamber near the specimen. Simple manipulation is required to attach the thermocouple into the reference well with adhesive tape.

In the enclosure feedback mode, the sensor measures the temperature of the air inside the enclosure.

OKOLab StageTop Incubator System Overview

Humidity Module

Mixed gas is humidified by bubbling through a glass column containing distilled water. The bubbling column is placed inside the temperature controlled enclosure to saturate the gas stream at the same temperature as the specimen.

OKOLab StageTop Incubator System Overview




Cage Incubator System Arc



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