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CO2 Controllers

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Choose from fully manual and fully digital models.



Manual Two Gas Mixer

  • Set point resolution 1%
  • Works with any microscope incubator
  • CO2 concentrations in the 0-15% range
  • Reusable PTFE membrane filter (0.2 mm pores)

The 2GF MIXER is a two gas mixer used to generate CO2-Air mixtures with an adjustable CO2 concentration in the range of 0-15%. The mixer can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with any microscope incubator. Air and CO2 flows are regulated by dual floating ball flow meters in the range 0.2 -1.7 Nl/min and 0.013 - 0.13 Nl/min, respectively.

CO2 Controllers

Bold Line CO2 Controller

  • Adds CO2 to air or N2
  • CO2 concentration range 0-18%
  • Accuracy ±5% of CO2 concentration
  • Set point resolution 0.1%
OKOLab StageTop Incubator System Overview

The Bold Line CO2 controller mixes Air or N2 and CO2, and controls the concentration with digital accuracy. Operation is via an easy to use touch screen interface, OKO-Touch. An optional Smart Box data logger and web server allows operation via any web-enabled device. The system may also be operated via a PC using OKO-Control 2.0 software or Nis Elements software.

Sensor calibration is made with an external meter or calibration gas. The controller can be attached to O2 Unit-BL [1-20] to control both CO2 and O2 within the range 0-10% and 0-18%, respectively.

OKOLab StageTop Incubator System Overview


A typical complete system

CO2 Controllers



The Oko Touch is necessary for operation of the controller.

OKOLab StageTop Incubator System Overview


Gas Controllers

Bold Line CO2 Controller Specifications


Operating mode Adds CO2 in Air or in N2
Concentration range 0-18%
Accuracy ± 5% of CO2 concentration, i.e. ± 0.25% at 5% CO2
Set Point Resolution 0.1%
Repeatability Better than 0.1%
Total flow rate 0.4 Nl/min - constant
Outlet pressure Ambient
CO2 consumption (at 5%) 0.02 Nl/min
CO2 sensor 10 year-life Non Dispersive InfraRed (NDIR) dual wave length detector
Filtering device PTFE membrane with 0.2 μm pores


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