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IX-RA-834 - 4 Channel Data Acquisition

Product Summary

The IX-RA-834 recorder is an advanced, feature-rich physiological data acquisition system ideal for a wide variety of research applications.


  • Oocyte applications
  • Epithelial voltage clamp applications
  • Electrophysiology applications
  • Isolated tissue and organ studies
  • Exercise physiology research
  • Metabolic function studies

The IX-RA-834 data recorder from iWorx is an advanced and feature-rich physiological data acquisition system that comes standard with 8 general purpose input channels, a low voltage and high voltage stimulator, 8 digital outputs, a built-in barometric pressure sensor, and 4 iWire inputs. The RA-834 exhibits the high resolution, low noise and flexibility required for a variety of research applications.

Recorder Features:

  • Built-in Barometric Sensor - allows for real-time compensation to pressure measurements due to changes in atmospheric pressure.
    Versatile - record multiple signals simultaneously (i.e. heart rate, respiration and pulse oximetry).
  • Built-in Stimulators - built-in, software controlled low and high voltage stimulators for both human and animal experiments with a wide array of preset stimulation protocols.
  • Longer Life Cycle - iWire digital design accommodates future lab technologies.

Plug and Play Expandable

The IX-RA-834 includes a proprietary Serial Interface technology called iWire. iWire devices enable unparalleled expansion of your laboratory recording equipment by simply plugging in an iWire compatible device. Need to add 4 EMG channels to your protocol? No problem, simply plug in an IX-BIO4 iWire device. Need to record 12 leads of ECG? Simply plug in an iWire compatible 12-lead ECG device into one of the iWire inputs. A traditional data recorder would require 12 additional recording channels to accomplish this.

  • Current iWire devices include:
  • IX-B3G - 3 biopotential channels, plus 1 GSR channel
  • IX-BIO4 - 4 biopotential channels
  • IX-BIO8 - 8 biopotential channels
  • IX-ECG12 - 12 Lead ECG

Software - Versatile, Yet Easy-to-Use Software for Even the Most Advanced Analyses.

LabScribe software is a powerful recording and analysis package that features an intuitive, user-friendly interface for setting up acquisition screens, calibrating signals, and analyzing data. Up to 128 channels of data can be displayed simultaneously at sampling rates as high as 100,000 samples/second.

Specific analysis modules for cardiovascular research are available to analyze pressure signals, blood flow data, ECG recordings, ventricular pressure volume loops and sono micrometry dimension data.

Software Features

  • Intuitive Interface - LabScribe software display data through a customizable, user-friendly interface.
  • Real-Time Calculations - Monitor and observe functional parameters with an array of real-time calculations and user defined computed channels.
  • Data Reduction - Analyze and reduce data and average and write selections of data to the built-in journal or directly to a text file.
  • Real-Time Annotations - Mark data during an experiment with free form text notes.
  • Advanced Analysis - AutoMark specific time points and features of a signal for further analysis and validation.
  • XY Window - Any two channels can be displayed in XY format, online or offline.
  • FFT Analysis - LabScribe includes a Fast Fourier Transform feature for frequency analysis of any signal
Number of inputs 4
Input range ±10 VDC
Resolution 16 bit
Number of inputs 4
Input range ±10 VDC
Resolution 16 bit
Isolation No
Excitation "±5 VDC, 100 mA"
Connectors DIN8
Gain Programmable with input resistor
Connectors HV Safety
Output range 0-1 mA
Compliance 100 V
Max ON time 10 ms
Resolution 16 bit
Connectors BNC
Output range ±15 VDC at 35 mA
Modes "Pulse, Train, Constant, Step, Ramp, Triangle,Custom"
Input "8 independent lines, TTL input, 1 Megohm input impedance, 5 V maximum"
"8 independent lines, TTL output level, 24 mA maximum load per line"
Sampling speed 200k Hz aggregate
Interface "USB 1.1, 2.0, full speed"
Power "12 VDC, 1.5 A"
Enclosure and Dimensions "Plastic; 23 cm W, 15 cm D, 6.5 cm H"
Warranty 3 years
Software LabScribe recording and analysis software

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