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Screw-Actuated Air Syringe

Product Summary

These air-assisted microinjection/micro-aspiration syringes provide the user with sensitive control and an extremely low dead-air volume.

  • For air-assisted micro-injection and micro-aspiration
  • Uncomplicated and easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Sensitive control
  • High suction/pressure
  • equilibrating version

The screw-actuated syringe is a small compact unit incorporated into a heavy circular base. Its convenient dimensions enable it to be ergonomically positioned next to the control lever of a micromanipulator to facilitate single-handed operation of both instruments. The capacity of the syringe is 10 mL. When required, the syringes can be used to generate high pressure or suction.

The syringe is connected by hard polyethylene tubing to a micropipette, which in turn, may be fitted to a micromanipulator or positioning device. Suction/injection is obtained by turning the actuator screw-control on the top of the syringe. The syringe provides a solution to the problem of capillary action when working with small micropipettes. A small equilibrating balance pressure can be maintained to offset the effects of capillary action. A conveniently situated release-button on-top of the screw-control is provided to achieve equilibration.

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