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Microinjection Pipette Holders for PLI-100A, PLI-90A, & PLI-10

Product Summary

  • Designed for applications involving pressure and/or suction such as microinjection
  • Used with instruments such as our PLI-10 and PLI-100A Picoliter Microinjection Systems

These acrylic holders are designed for use in applications involving pressure and/or suction, such as microinjection. They are designed to be used with instruments such as our PLI-100A, PLI-90A, and PLI-10 Picoliter Microinjectors.


L x D

11.5 cm x 7.9 mm (4.5 x 0.3 in)

PLI pipette holder dimensions



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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
64-1626 AO161.0 Acrylic pipette holder for 1.0 mm pipettes Login Login
64-1627 AO161.2 Acrylic pipette holder for 1.2 mm pipettes Login Login
64-1628 PLI-PPH Acrylic Pipette Holder for 1.5 mm pipettes Login Login
64-1629 AO162.0 Acrylic pipette holder for 2.0 mm pipettes Login Login
Replacement Parts
64-1293 QC-10 Compression cap, polycarbonate, fits 1.0 mm capillary, pkg of 2 Login Login
64-1294 QC-12 Compression cap, polycarbonate, fits 1.2 mm capillary, pkg of 2 Login Login
64-1295 QC-15 Compression cap, polycarbonate, fits 1.5 mm capillary, pkg of 2 Login Login
64-1296 QC-20 Compression cap, polycarbonate, fits 2.0 mm capillary, pkg of 2 Login Login
64-1289 PS-10 Pipette seal, fits 1.0 mm capillary, 10 pack Login Login
64-1290 PS-12 Pipette seal, fits 1.2 mm capillary, 10 pack Login Login
64-1291 PS-15 Pipette seal, fits 1.5 mm capillary, 10 pack Login Login
64-1292 PS-20 Pipette seal, fits 2.0 mm capillary, 10 pack Login Login

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