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(CL-200A) Dual Channel Bipolar Temperature Controller

Product Summary

The CL-200A Temperature Controller is a dual channel controller capable of accurately maintaining a Peltier device between 0° and +50°C, or a resistive heating element between ambient and +65°C.


  • Quiet operation suitable for electrophysiology applications
  • Can be used with both Peltier devices (e.g.SC-20) and resistive heating applications (e.g. Series 20 platforms)
  • Built-in protection for Peltier devices
  • Single control temperature adjustment
  • Freeze alert and alarm circuitry
  • External inputs for computer control of set temperature or applied voltage

The CL-200A Dual Temperature Controller is a two channel controller capable of accurately maintaining two Peltier devices between -6° and 65°C. Power for the instrument is provided by a low noise power supply making it suitable for use in sensitive electrophysiology applications.

While the CL-200A has broad compatibility, it is specifically designed to control the SC-20 Dual In-line Solution Heater/Cooler in combination with any of our heated and cooled stage chambers using the PHC heater/cooler jackets. The device, however, can also be used with any of our heater-only platforms and requires an ACC-1 adapter cable to fill this role. All Warner Peltier-driven devices require the use of the LCS-1 Liquid Cooling System to maintain temperature control.

The CL-200A has a single control for temperature adjustment making it simple to set up and use. While total automatic control is provided in the automatic mode, a manual control mode is also available.


The choice of feedback thermistor is user selectable. Choosing T1 (control thermistor) utilizes the thermistor built into the attached peripheral device. Choosing T2 (monitor thermistor) directs feedback control to any location at the user's discretion. A loop-speed selector is available to synchronize the feedback response of the system to the intrinsic thermal delay characteristics of the setup.

Built-in circuitry limits the maximum temperature of the Peltier to prevent thermal damage. A freeze alert is also included to indicate when the cold side of the Peltier reaches 0°C.

Max. Output Voltage ±15V heat/cool, 0-15V heat only
Max. Output Current 5.0 A DC, each channel
Max. Output Power 75 W @ 3Ω load, each channel
Set-Temperature Range -5 to 65 °C heat/cool,
ambient to 65 °C resistive
Recorder Outputs, each channel Control temperature, 100mV/°C
Monitor temperature, 100mV/°C
Inputs, each channel Monitor thermistor, 10KΩ @25 °C
External temp set (auto mode)
External voltage set (manual mode)
I/O Connector, each channel 15-pin D connector
Panel Meter, each channel 3-digit LED display of:
Set temperature
Control temperature
Monitor temperature
Output voltage
Output current
Panel Meter Resolution 0.1°C / 0.01V / 0.01A
Power Requirement 97-265 VAC / 200VA Max
Weight 4.54 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 8.9 x 42.6 x 29.2 cm (H x W x D)
Warranty One year, parts & labor

Infrared Image


QE-1HC Quick Exchange Heated / Cooled platform with SC-20: cooling with perfusion
Ambient Temperature 21.5 °C
Relative Humidity 62.3%
CL-200 Temperature Controller:
Set Temperature SC-20 0.0 °C
QE-1HV Plate Set Temperature 0.0 °C
Flow Rate 2 ml/min.

Last Revision 1.9.13

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64-0106 CC-28 Cable assembly for heater controllers to platform Login Login
64-1427 ACC-1 Adapter cable to connect CL-100/CL-200A to 8 pin DIN heaters Login Login

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