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(SWS Series) Syringe Warmer

Product Summary

The SWS-Series Syringe Warmers from Warner Instruments provides a simple iand effective method for maintaining a stable temperature within a syringe. The compact design of this warmer allows it to be used either with a syringe pump or mounted on a support stand.


  • Syringe heaters designed for use on a syringe pump or a support stand (for gravity flow applications)
  • Accommodates 10, 60, and 140 cc syringes
  • Scale marking ports allow user to monitor volume in syringe during use
  • Can be powered from 12 volt battery for sensitive electrophysiology applications

The thermally controlled heater housing slides onto a 10, 60 or 140 cc syringe and is held in place with a self adjusting friction band. The housing incorporates a resistive element and thermistor, which when connected to a Warner temperature controller, allows the syringe warmer to be maintained at a constant temperature.

The SWS Syringe Warmer housing is made of anodized aluminum which is both corrosion resistant and serves as an excellent thermal conductor. Solutions usually reach the set temperature within 15 minutes of the application of power.


Be sure to order the TC-124 Temperature Controller with your SWS Series Syringe Warmer.


Model Number SWS-10 SWS-60 SWS-140
Syringe Size 10 cc 60 cc 140 cc
Manufacturer BD BD Monoject
Heater Weight 32.7 g 76.0 g 192.0 g
Heater Length 38.25 mm 83.75 mm 109.50 mm
Dimensions (ID x OD) 16.2 x 22.3 mm 29.2 x 35.0 mm 41.4 x 51.0 mm
General Information
Heater Resistance 18 ohm
Voltage Requirement Variable to 12V max.
Temperature Range ambient to 65°C (limited by temperature controller)
Temperature Accuracy ± 1°C
Cable Length 2.4 m
Warranty 1 year

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
64-1584 SWS-10 Syringe heater for 10 cc syringes Login Login
64-1560 SWS-60 Syringe heater for 60 cc syringes Login Login
64-1585 SWS-140 Syringe heater for 140 cc syringes Login Login
Temperature Controllers
64-1545 TC-124A Heater controller, handheld, single channel, 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz Login Login
59-8379 Becton Dickinson syringe, 10 cc, 100 per box Login Login
59-8382 Becton Dickinson syringe, 60 cc, 40 per box Login Login

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