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NeuroLog Application Notes: Amplification Modes

Product Summary

At the heart of the NeuroLog system range are the many possible amplification modules, which can be used to make intracellular or extracellular microelectrode recordings; multi-channel EMG, EEG or ECG recordings or recordings from strain gauges or pressure transducers.

Extracellular AC recording system with spike discrimination and audio monitoring Modules Order No. ADD Each to Cart
NeuroLog Application Notes: Amplification Modes
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NL100AK 65-0220 Login
NL104A 65-0224 Login
NL106 65-0225 Login
NL125 65-0237 Login
NL201 65-0243 Login
NL120S 65-0236 Login
NL985S 65-0323 Login


The NL100RK - Record from and then electrically lesion your recording site without moving or disconnecting the electrode Modules Order No. ADD Each to Cart
Patch Clamp Amplifier (PC-505B)
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NL100RK 65-0642 Login
NL104A 65-0224 Login



How to avoid ground loops when recording from multiple NL100AK AC preamplifier headstages. Modules Order No. ADD Each to Cart
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NL100AK (x2) 65-0220 Login
A typical intracellular (DC) recording configuration Modules Order No. ADD Each to Cart
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NL102G 65-0222 Login
NL412 72-4220 Login
NL125 65-0237 Login
NL106 65-0225 Login
NL304 65-0248 Login
NL405 (x2) 65-0630 Login
4-Channel isolated amplifier system with filtering and signal conditioning Modules Order No. ADD Each to Cart
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NL844 65-0362 Login
NL820A 65-0277 Login
NL135 65-0240 Login
NL144 65-0242 Login
NL530 65-0259 Login
Measurement of physiological pressures with the NeuroLog System Modules Order No. ADD Each to Cart
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NL108A 65-0227 Login
NL108T2 65-0229 Login
NL108T4 72-4222 Login
NL108L2 65-0231 Login
NL72-4223 72-4223 Login

Please note that as well as the modules indicated above, each application note requires a NeuroLog Case & Power Supply Unit (NL900D or NL905) and possibly some cables and cable adaptors.

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
65-0220 NL100AK Differential headstage for NL-103, NL-104 and NL-107 amplifiers Login Login
65-0224 NL104A AC Preamplifier Login Login
65-0225 NL106 AC-DC Preamplifier Login Login
65-0237 NL125 Low pass and high pass filters, with 50 Hz notch Login Login
65-0243 NL201 Spike Trigger Login Login
65-0236 NL120 Audio Amplifier Login Login
65-0323 NL985 Loudspeaker for NL-120 Login Login
65-0642 NL100RK Preamplifier and Stimulus Relay Login Login
65-0222 NL102G DC preamplifier, with headstage and NL-412 pulse generator Login Login
65-0247 NL301 Pulse generator Login Login
65-0248 NL304 Period generator Login Login
65-0630 NL 405 Pulse Width/Delay Login Login
65-0362 NL844 4-Channel preamplifier Login Login
65-0277 NL820A Isolation amplifier, 4 channel Login Login
65-0240 NL135 4-Channel LowPass Filter, with 50 Hz hotch filter Login Login
65-0242 NL144 4-Channel HighPass Filter, without notch filter Login Login
65-0259 NL530 4-Channel Conditioner Login Login
65-0227 NL108A Pressure amplifier Login Login
65-0229 NL108T2 Disposable pressure transducer, 1 pack Login Login
72-4222 NL108T4 Blood pressure transducer Login Login
65-0231 NL108L2 Lead for NL-108T2 to NL-108A Login Login
72-4223 NL108D4 Replacement dome for NL-108T4, 1 pack Login Login

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