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(NL530) 4-Channel Conditioner

Product Summary

Designed to provide gain and offset setup controls when interfacing signals to analog-to-digital converters (A/D's) of PCs.

  • Each module contains four channels
  • Independently adjustable filter settings
  • Independently adjustable front panel Gain presets
  • Independently adjustable front panel Offset presets

The NL530 Conditioner module is designed to give Gain and Offset setup controls when interfacing signals to the Analog-to-Digital Converters (A/D's) of PCs. There is also a master A/D offset control to allow unipolar A/D to be used with bipolar signals. A/D boards have precise input ranges (outside of which damage may occur) and this module features on-board preset controls to set all channels to CLIP or limit at independently set positive and negative (or zero) levels.

Each Independent Channel
Absolute Max ± 100 V
Impedance 20 kO
Gain x0.1, x0.2, x0.5, x1, x2, x5, x10
Variable Gain x1 (cal) to x2.5 (nominal)
Offset Control ± 1 V or ± 5 V
Filters 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, none
Bandwidth DC to 100 kHz
Crosstalk < -56 dB between channels
Range ± 11 V
Impedance < 5O (for up to 10 mA load)
Common To All Channels
Clip Limits
Positive +4 V to +11 V min
Negative -11 V to 0 V
ADC Offset Zero (0 volts) or +2.5 V
Output [Input x Gain] + [(ADC + variable) offsets]

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