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(NL800) Stimulus Isolator Constant Current

Product Summary

A battery powered, light-coupled isolated stimulator.

  • Constant current output
  • Very high output impedance
  • Low input-output capacitive coupling
  • Accuracy/Linearity ± 3% of full scale output
  • Suitable for stimulation through microelectrodes and gross electrodes

The NL800 Stimulus Isolator can be driven by the NL510 Pulse Buffer or NL512 Biphasic Buffer. When used with the NL510, output current is set by the 10-turn AMPLITUDE control on the NL510 itself.

Alternatively, the NL512 allows biphasic analogue waveforms (e.g. from a PC) to be converted into a biphasic stimulus when used in conjunction with two NL800 units. In both cases, output pulses have the same timing as input pulses.

Features of the NL800 are its very small physical size (for mounting close to the preparation), low battery consumption, excellent isolation (< 1 pF output to input or ground coupling), and fast rise time.

Input Requirements 10 V at 30 mA (nominal) for full scale output
Output Current Range 0 to 10 mA in 4 overlapping decade ranges
Output Rise-Time < 5 µsec (1 kO load);
< 20 µsec (tungsten micro-electrode load);
< 40 µsec (1 MO resistor across output)
Output Resistance > 900 MO
Input-Output Capacitive Coupling < 1 pF
Accuracy and Linearity ± 3% of full scale output for each output range
Dimensions 38 x 54 x 98 mm (1.50 x 2.13 x 3.5 in)
excluding knob

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