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(MS-7P) Seven-Barrel Iontophoresis Micropipette

Product Summary

The MS-7P Micropipette is designed for both iontophoretic application and pneumatic ejection of drugs through up to seven barrels.


  • Iontophoretic applications
  • Pneumatic applications
  • Easy filling
  • Minimal tip resistance
  • Minimal leakage
  • Available pre-pulled or fully-pulled

A standard blank consists of seven barrels of Pyrex Omegadot tubing. The overall length of the blank assembly is 10 cm. Individual tubes are 1.5 x 1.2 mm (OD x ID) and are pre-pulled to the 2 mm formation shown. The design of this micropipette readily accommodates both electrical and pneumatuc connections. The user can either insert Ag-AgCl electrode wires or attach the tubes to pneumatic pressure outlets. The micropipette is supplied as either pre-pulled blanks or fully-pulled to a micron tip as shown. The micron tip is not bumped and can be finalized prior to use. 7-Barrel configurations are available as pre-pulled and also as fully pulled blanks.

Other Features:
  • The orifice ratio of each barrel is 0.80 and is optimized for minimal tip resistance when pulled to micron size
  • Omegadot tubing permits easy filling
  • Fanned-out outer barrel assembly provides separation which avoids leakage and cross-coupling between barrels
  • The 22 mm (length) twisted segment of the blank assembly assures singular tip formation during the pulling action. This provides flexibility in the selection of a desired tip configuration

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
65-0207 MS-7PB Barrel Iontophoresis Micropipette (MS-7P) - Micropipette 7-barrel, 1.5 mm OD borosilicate glass, pre-pulled blank, 20 pack Login Login
65-0208 MS-7MT Barrel Iontophoresis Micropipette (MS-7P) - Micropipette 7-barrel, 1.5 mm OD borosilicate glass, pre-pulled, ~20 µm tip, 10 pack Login Login

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