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Introduction to Premium Capillary Glass

Product Summary

Warner capillary glass is known worldwide for its consistent high quality.

  • Ends are fire polished to prevent damage to the rubber gaskets when inserted into electrode holders
  • Glass is also cleaned with de-ionized water before being packed in dust-free containers

Warner capillary glass is known worldwide for its consistent high quality. The glass is precision drawn to insure reliability and consistency from batch to batch. The full line of glass capillaries listed here is stocked for fast shipment.

Standard Wall/Thin Wall

Tubing is available in two wall thickness, standard wall and thin wall. Additionally, a variety of diameters is offered to cover most needs of micropipette and microelectrode research.

Capillaries with Filament

A small diameter filament is fused to the glass inside diameter to facilitate rapid solution filling through capillary attraction. This is especially important for the very small diameter of sharp electrodes typically used for intracellular studies and micro-iontophoresis.

Premium Corning Type 7740 (Pyrex)

Corning 7740 Borosilicate is the most commonly used glass in electrode fabrication because of its mechanical strength, chemical durability, electrical resistivity, and its ability to withstand thermal stress. It is also easy to work with and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Corning 7740 glass is offered in a choice of diameters, in standard or thin-walled format, and either with or without inner filament; they are additionally available in Theta style. Single barrel glass is available in 3 lengths: 75, 100 and 150 mm. Theta glass is offered in 100 mm lengths only.

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