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pco.edge 5.5 RS CMOS camera

Product Summary

  • 1.0 e-med readout noise
  • 2560 x 2160 pixel resolution
  • 30000:1 dynamic range
  • 100 fps maximum frame rate
  • rolling shutter & global shutter functionality
  • Camera Link or USB 3.0


Groundbreaking sCMOS technology for outstanding image quality

Pco.edge 5.5 RS CMOS camera
pco.edge 5.5 RS CMOS camera
pco.edge 4.2 USB

superior image quality

The pco.edge sCMOS camera features outstanding low read out noise.

Even at maximum speed of 100 frames/s at full resolution of 2560 x 2160 pixel the noise is 1.0 e- (med). Moreover the pco.edge provides an excellent homogeneous pixel response to light (PRNU, photo response non-uniformity) and an excellent homogeneous dark signal pixel behaviour (DSNU,dark signal non-uniformity) which is achieved by a sophisticated electronic circuit technology and firmware algorithms.

high resolution

The pco.edge sCMOS camera features outstanding low read out noise.

A 4.2 Mpixel resolution in combination with a moderate chip size (18.8 mm diagonal, 6.5 µm pixel pitch) benefts microscopy applications with low magnifcation factor and large feld of view, thereby reducing processing times and increasing throughput. The figure compares the potential of the new feld of view of the pco.edge to the 1.3 Mpixel image resolution which is widely used in microscopy applications for scientifc cameras

pco.edge 4.2 USB

rolling shutter readout modes

pco.edge sCMOS cameras feature a variety of precise synchronization modes which are optimized for advanced microscopy imaging and scanning.

The flexible frame and line triggers with very low latency and, in combination with the free selectable readout modes, can easily be combined to cover every modern microscopy situation

For example, one mode is used in a lightsheet or SPIM application, the lower right rolling shutter operational mode “single top down” operation is convenient to properly synchronize the camera exposure with the scanner. On the other hand, if speed is required and a ?ash like exposure is applied the upper left mode “dual outside in” is used for localization microscopy techniques like GSD, PALM or STORM.

pco.edge 4.2 LT CMOS Camera

free of drift

The pco.edge sCMOS cameras feature temperature stabilized Peltier cooling. This allows for continuous drift free operation in image sequences capture. This is achieved by the proper selection and sophisticated combination of electronics and FPGA algorithms.

As the measurement result shows while running at full speed of 100 frames/s over 4 hours measuring time the camera doesn’t show any signifcant drift. This degree of stability enables long-term measuring series, which should be quantitatively evaluated and processed. For example, in PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) applications, when so-called melting curves must be measured, the fuorescence in multi-well plates with different samples is recorded over a longer time at different sample temperatures. Here all the images are used for processing, which is only possible if the offset is stable and the camera is free of drift.

pco.edge 4.2 USB

flexibility and free of latency

User selectable choice of rolling shutter modes for exposure provides fexibility for a wide range of applications.

The advantages of rolling shutter are high frame rates and low read out noise. Due to realtime transmission of the image data to the PC, there is no latency between recording and access or storage of the data.

37500:1 dynamic range

Due to the excellent low noise and the high fullwell capacity of the sCMOS image sensor an intra scene dynamic range of better than 37500:1 is achieved.

A unique architecture of dual column level amplifers and dual 11 bit ADCs is designed to maximize dynamic range and to minimize read out noise simultaneously. Both ADC values are analyzed and merged into one high dynamic 16 bit value.

pco.edge 4.2 LT CMOS Camera
pco.edge 4.2 USB
image sensor
type of sensor scientific CMOS (sCMOS)
image sensor CIS2521
resolution (H x V) 2560 x 2160 pixel
pixel size (H x V) 6.5 x 6.5 µm
sensor format /diagonal 16.6 x 14.0 mm /21.8 mm
shutter modes rolling shutter (RS), with free selectable readout modes
global/snapshot shutter (GS)
global reset (GR)
MTF 76.9 lp/mm (theoretical)
fullwell capacity (typ) 30000 e-
readout noise 1.0 med / 1.4 rms e- @ RS/GR
3.1 med / 3.2 rms e- @ GS
dynamic range 30000:1 (89.5 dB) slow scan
quantum efficiency > 60% @ peak
spectral range 370-1100 nm
dark current (typ) < 0.5 e- /pixel /s RS/GR @ 5 °C
< 0.8 e- /pixel /s GS @ 5 °C
DSNU < 0.3 rms e- RS/GR
< 2.0 rms e- GS
PRNU < 0.2%
anti blooming factor > 10000
frame rate 30 fps @ 2560 x 2160 pixel
exposure / shutter time 500 µs - 2 s (RS)
20 µs - 100 ms (GS)
30 µs - 2 s (GR)
A/D dynamic range 16 bit
A/D conversion factor 0.46 e- /count
pixel scan rate 86 MHz (RS)
160 MHz (GS)
pixel data rate 172 Mpixel/s (RS)
320 Mpixel/s (GS)
binning horizontal x1, x2, x4
binning vertical x1, x2, x4
region of interest (ROI) horizontal: 4 pixel steps
vertical: 1 pixel steps
non-linearity < 0.6%
cooling method 5 °C stabilized
peltier with forced air (fan)
(both up to 27 °C ambient)
trigger input signals frame trigger, programmable input (SMA connections)
trigger output signals exposure, busy, line, programmable output (SMA connectors)
data interface USB 3.0
time stamp in image (1 us resolution)
power supply 12-24 VDC (± 10%)
power consumption 21 W (typ 12 W @ 20 °C)
weight 930 g
operating temperature 10-40 °C
operating humidity range 10-80% (non-condensing)
storage temperature range -10 to 60 °C
optical interface C-mount
CE / FCC certified yes



frame rate table
dimension GS RS
2560 x 2160 28 fps 30 fps
2560 x 1024 59 fps 63 fps
2560 x 512 117 fps 126 fps
2560 x 256 232 fps 248 fps
2560 x 128 455 fps 481 fps
1920 x 1080 56 fps 60 fps
1600 x 1200 50 fps 54 fps
1280 x 1024 59 fps 63 fps
640 x 480 125 fps 134 fps
320 x 240 247 fps 264 fps





Pco.edge 5.5 RS CMOS camera

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