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(TC-500) Tucker Cell

Product Summary

  • Exceptional visibility
  • Use for haemoglobin or haemocyanin
  • Accurate, rapid and inexpensive in use

The oxygen content of blood can be measured accurately and quickly by the method of Tucker (1967). A small sample of blood is introduced into the chamber containing a solution of ferricyanide. The resulting release of bound oxygen produces an increase in PO2 which is detected by the oxygen electrode. The oxygen content can be calculated from the PO2 change.

The base section of the TC-500 is identical to that of the MC-100 microcell. The cell is made from precision-blown glass and is sealed by an acrylic plunger, through which the sample is introduced.

The TC 500 does not include a 1302 oxygen electrode or 782 meter, both of which which must be purchased separately.

Chamber diameter 90mm
Chamber volume c 0.5ml
Jacket and cell glass
Plunger clear acrylic
Base Section black acetal

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