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Series 20 Chambers
  • Small Volume Closed Bath Imaging Chambers (RC-20, RC-20H)
  • Large Closed Bath Imaging Chambers (RC-21B, RC-21BR)
  • Slotted Bath with Field Stimulation (RC-21BRFS)
  • Open Round Bath Imaging Chamber (RC-21BRW)
  • Open Diamond Bath Imaging Chamber (RC-21BDW)
  • Open Diamond Bath Imaging Chambers (RC-22, RC-22C)
  • Fast Exchange Diamond Bath Chambers (RC-24, RC-24E)
  • Fast Exchange Open Diamond Bath (RC-24N)
  • Open Diamond Bath Imaging Chambers for Round Coverslips (RC-25, RC-25F)
  • Open Diamond Bath Imaging Chambers (RC-26, RC-26G)
  • Low Profile Open Diamond Bath Imaging Chamber (RC-26GLP)
  • Silicone Imaging Chamber (RC-26GS)
  • Diamond Bath Oocyte Recording Chamber (RC-26Z)
  • Large Rectangular Open Bath Chamber (RC-27)
  • Large Bath Chamber with Slice Supports (RC-27L)
  • Ultra-quiet Imaging Chambers for Slice Studies (RC-27D, RC-27LD)
  • Narrow Rectangular Baths (RC-27N)
  • Narrow Bath Chamber with Field Stimulation (RC-27NE2)
  • Excised Patch Chamber with Two Slotted Open Baths (RC-28)
  • Very Large Rectangular Open Bath for Slice Studies (RC-29)
  • Ultra Quiet Imaging Chamber (JG-23)
  • ProFlow Shear Flow Chamber (PFC-1)