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(PFC-1) ProFlow Shear Flow Chamber

Product Summary

The PFC-1 ProFlow chamber is based on the designs of Dr. Melissa Knothe Tate, currently of the Case Western Reserve University.


  • Computer designed gaskets optimized for well-defined, well-controlled shear-flow
  • Based on technology developed at Case Western Reserve University
  • Single- and dual-flow capable chamber
  • Made from polycarbonate for easy cleanup

The chamber uses silicone gaskets, similar in approach to our popular RC-30 and RC-31 chamber, to form a closed-bath area sandwiched between two opposing glass coverslips.

However, the ProFlow chamber uses specially designed gaskets that optimize the shear-flow dynamics within the bath. This optimized design results in a nearly uniform shear flow across the entire width of the bath. This allows the shear force to be more easily calculated when these gaskets are used.

Precut gaskets are manufactured from medical-grade silicone, are 0.250 mm thick, and can be stacked to achieve bath heights in multiples of a single gasket. Gaskets are supplied in packs of 10 and can be purchased separately.

The system consists of a top plate and two bottom plates. One bottom plate allows the formation of a single-sided flow chamber for use with cultured cells, and the other bottom plate allows the formation of a double-sided flow chamber for use with isolated sections or for conditions where controlled flow is desired on both sides of a structure.


The PFC-1 is designed to fit into our Series 30 stage adapters, it does not require a platform.

The PFC-1 comes complete with chamber top, two chamber bases, 0.250 mm thickness precut gaskets (10 pk), 15 mm round coverslips (# 1.5 thickness, 100 pk, CS-15R15), 25 mm round coverslips (#2 thickness, 50 pk, CS-25R20) and PE-90 tubing (10 ft).

Bath Dimensions 22.0x10.4 mm (0.866 x 0.4 in)
Bath Volume 47.5 ul
Gasket Thickness 250 um (0.01 in)
Top Coverslip 15 mm round, #1.5 thickness
Bottom Coverslip 25 mm round, #2 thickness
Scallop on chamber bottom- single sided flow 35.9 mm wide, 2.54 mm deep
1.44 in wide, 0.1 in deep
Scallop on chamber bottom- double sided flow 25.9 mm wide, 5.53 mm deep
1.02 in wide, 0.22 in deep
Upper window size 12.5 mm
Lower window size 19.0 mm
Input/output Tubes 10.6x0.67 mm ODxID (0.042x0.027 in)
Perfusion tubing PE-90, 0.86 mm ID (0.034 in)

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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
64-1860 PFC-1 ProFlow shear flow chamber, fit Series 30 stage adapters Login Login
Replacement Consumables
64-1861 ProFlow gaskets, 0.250 mm thick, 10 pk Login Login
64-0713 CS-15R15 Round cover glass, #1.5 thickness, 15 mm, 100 pack Login Login
64-0722 CS-25R20 Round cover glass, #2 thickness, 25 mm, 100 pk Login Login
64-0754 PE-90/10 Polyethylene tubing, PE-90, 10 ft Login Login

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