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(RC-10) Round Bath Oocyte Recording Chamber

Product Summary

The RC-10 open bath chamber is suitable for physiological experiments performed with inverted or dissecting microscopes.

  • Patch clamp
  • Recording from Oocytes or isolated perfused tubules
  • Experiments involving cell impalement 

RC-10 Chamber

These RC-10 features an open bath design suitable for physiological experiments performed with inverted or dissecting microscopes, including patch and oocyte recording, isolated perfused tubule, and cell impalement studies. This chamber has also been used with fluorescence microscopy.

Made from polycarbonate, a user attached, #2 thickness coverslip (24 x 60 mm, ) becomes the floor of the bath. The coverslip can be attached with vacuum grease, or more permanently with Sylgard or RTV.

Solution can be introduced via gravity-feed and removed via suction, or alternatively, input and output can be pump-controlled. Flow rates can exceed 10 ml/min with gravity feed. The perfusion input accepts standard 1.57 mm OD polyethylene tubing (PE-160).

Solutions are removed from a separate suction reservoir to minimize noise in the recording chamber and the suction tube height is adjustable to control the bath solution level.

Multiple perfusion lines can be connected using an MP Series manifold in place of the single line connector supplied with the chamber. An isolated reservoir is provided for an agar bridge in the recording ground circuit.

The RC-10 has a 10 mm diameter bath and is recommended where small volumes and fast solution exchange is important. The bath volume is 160 μl at 2 mm solution height. A single agar bridge well is supplied.

Mounting the Chamber

The RC-10 is mounted onto a microscope with one of the RC Series Stage Adapters which are purchased separately.

Chambers are supplied with a single-input perfusion connector, a suction tube, and one package of #2 Coverslips (24 x 60 mm).

*Note: The double thickness of glass (bottom + sample coverslips) may not be compatible with some short working distance microscope objectives

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