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Stage Adapters for RC-10 Chamber

Product Summary

Stage adapters for the RC-10 allow for mounting onto a selection of microscopes.

RC-10 stage adapter bases fit the most commonly used stage on the microscope model cited. However, microscopes are often fitted with optional or special purpose stages.

Refer to the outline drawings to determine the correct adapter for your microscope. Crafted from polycarbonate.

RC-10 Adapters
Microscope Manufacturer Microscope Model Stage Adapter Model Dimensions Order No.
Nikon Diaphot/TE200/ TE300 CB-1N 10.8 cm 64-0311
Olympus IMT CB-10 8.9 x 16.5 cm 64-0312

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CB-1N | 64-0311

CB-10 | 64-0312

Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
Adapters for the RC-10
64-0311 CB-1N 10 Chamber - RC-10 stage adapter base for Nikon Diaphot / TE200 / TE300 Login Login
64-0312 CB-10 10 Chamber - RC-10 stage adapter base for Olympus IMT Login Login

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