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(AIR-1) Ultra Low Noise Air Compressor

Product Summary

  • Suitable for installation directly at point of use
  • Lowest noise and vibration level in the market 45dB(A) - you won't even know it's on!
  • Complete compressed air package
  • Ideal for use with our microinjection systems and air tables

When a reliable supply of clean and quiet compressed air is required, this oil-lubricated compressor is the perfect choice. The noise level is 45 dB(A) - far below the level of normal conversation. Quiet, vibration-free and reliable this compressors compact design easily allows mounting at the place of use.

The oil-lubricated piston compressor is supplied ready for use. The unique synthetic SJ-27 oil designed especially for AIR-1 optimizes the lubrication of the compressor.

Furthermore, the internal motor is mounted in a closed motor house, reducing the noise level even further. Due to the design of the motor, the oil is also used for cooling the motor.

The motor is mounted on springs inside the motor housing, which means that hardly any vibrations are imparted to the surroundings. Two noise reduction chambers on the intake side and two noise reduction chambers on the pressure side ensure absorption of the noise. The compressor is also supplied with rubber feet, preventing vibrations from imparting to the mounting bolts and foundation. The noise level of the oil-lubricated compressor is 45 dB (A) – below the noise level of a refrigerator.

The oil minimizes the wear and tear of the vital parts in the compressor, prolonging the lifetime and at the same time ensuring low maintenance costs.

Input Voltage Range 120 VAC
Max. current 6.2A@ 120 VAC
Motor 0.54 HP / 0.40kW
Displacement 60 l/min or 2.12 CFM
FAD @ 8 bar 32 l/min or 1.13 CFM
Max. pressure 8 bar / 120 psi
Tank size 4 liters / 1.1 gallon
Noise level 45 dB(A)
Physical Dimensions:
Size 382 x 300 x 334 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 23 kg
Warranty One year, parts & labor

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