Specialized Tools for Electrophysiology and Cell Biology Research

(UI Series) Ultra-Microliter Injection System

Product Summary

  • Stem cell injection
  • Drug delivery
  • Nerve injury and regeneration
  • Muscle fibers
  • Large cell microinjection
  • Easy to use

The UI Ultra-Microliter Injection System is a unique tool for the controlled injection of small cells or drugs into either soft tissue or large cells. The UI micropipette has a specially designed glass tip that easily attaches to any Hamilton syringe for microinjection of experimental fluids.

The UI micropipette features a beveled tip for minimal tissue injury, direct and simple setup, and no dead volume during application. The UI is available in tip sizes of 40, 60, and 80 microns to facilitate injection of a range of sample sizes.

Attachment to any Hamilton syringe having a 26 GA needle is straightforward: Insert the syringe needle into the pipette until it stops and you're ready for secure, leak-free delivery.

Optionally, delivery volume can be well controlled using Harvard Apparatus' Nanomite programmable syringe pump. Specifically, the pump head can be mounted to a micromanipulator for precision injection, or hand held for manual injection.

Ultra-Microliter Injection System (UI Series)

Ultra-Microliter Injection System (UI Series)
Tip diameter 40-80 microns beveled
Material Borosilicate glass
O.D. 1.5 mm
Length 43 mm
Seal size Designed for use with 26 gauge Hamilton syringe needle
Non sterile Recommended sterilization method is ethylene oxide gas

Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
64-1929 UI-40 Microliter Injection System (UI Series) - Ultra Inject for 26 Gauge Needle, 40 micron tip Login Login
70-3601 Microliter Injection System (UI Series) - Nanomite, Infuse/Withdraw Login Login
64-1931 UI-80 Microliter Injection System (UI Series) - Ultra Inject for 26 Gauge Needle, 80 micron tip Login Login
64-1930 UI-60 Microliter Injection System (UI Series) - Ultra Inject for 26 Gauge Needle, 60 micron tip Login Login

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