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STG5 Stimulus Generator

Product Summary

With a broad output range up to 16mA and a scalable, upgradeable design, the STG5 Stimulus Generator is perfect for a broad range of applications.  A 5µs reaction time gives you the ability to create complex stimulation patterns, and the powerful and user-friendly software saves you both time and stress.


  • All-in-one voltage and current stimulation
  • Wide output range for multiple applications
  • Robust & easy software


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Voltage and current stimulation in one easy-to-use device.


The STG5 includes both voltage and current stimulation capabilities, with no need to reconfigure your device. Switch from voltage to current, or current to voltage, with just one click on the computer.


Stay flexible. 2-8 channels, according to your needs.


Your setup begins with our STG5 Base Unit, which includes 2 channels. If you need additional channels, add up to 3 STG5 Satellite Units, which feature 2 additional channels each – giving you a total of up to 8 channels at once.
All channels are galvanically isolated against each other, meaning that there’s no need to purchase a separate galvanic isolator.


More precise stimulation


With a lightning-fast rise time of 10-90% within 2µsec (for both voltage and current stimulation), the STG5 offers a higher pulse frequency than most stimulus generators – as well as more accurate waveform-to-stimulus representation at higher frequencies.


Wide output range


The STG5 Base Unit features an output range up to 16mA. By adding three STG5 Satellite Units and cascading all channels, your output can be increased to 128mA. This flexibility is what makes the STG5 a lab essential for electrophysiology experimentation: just one device meets the requirements of almost any experiment your lab is performing.
It’s easy to adjust your output range quickly and easily within the software, with no manual moving of dials.


Compact design that wastes no space.


We made the STG5 small but mighty to preserve space in your lab. It tucks in easily wherever you need it. Your STG5 Base and Satellite Units can also be stacked neatly on top of each other (and interlock securely – just like a child’s building blocks – to prevent accidents).


Easy-to-use software

Our intuitive MC_Stimulus III software helps you save time and work more efficiently. Design complex stimulation patterns, and then save them to use again in the future. Need to switch between voltage and current stimulation? The software makes that fast and easy, too.



Uncomplicated synchronized stimulation


The STG5 allows for multiple independent, synchronized pulses, as well as triggered stimulation as part of a direct feedback loop. A fast 5μs reaction time means you’ll also collect more precise data.


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