Specialized Tools for Electrophysiology and Cell Biology Research

Harvard Bioscience Global Brands

Biochrom Ltd.

Experts in Amino Acid Analyzers and UV/Visible Spectrophotometers

Biodrop Ltd.

The Leader in Specialized, maintenance-free products designed for measuring DNA concentration

BTX Molecular Delivery Systems

Pioneers of Molecular Delivery Products - Electroporation and Electrofusion

CMA Microdialysis

Pre-clinical device company developing and marketing unique solutions for microdialysis research

Coulbourn Instruments

New & Innovative Products for Behavior Research

Data Sciences International

Innovation Built on a History of Performance

Harvard Apparatus
Harvard Apparatus U.S.

The Leader in Specialty Bioresearch Products

Harvard Apparatus
Harvard Apparatus Canada

The Leader in Specialty Bioresearch and Optics Products in Canada

Harvard Apparatus
Harvard Apparatus, S.A.R.L.

The Leader in Specialty Bioresearch in France

Harvard Apparatus
Harvard Apparatus UK

The Leader in Specialised Bioresearch and Teaching Products

HEKA Elektronik
HEKA Elektronik

The Leader in sophisticated instrumentation and software for biomedical and Industrial research

Hoefer, Inc.

Setting the Standard in Electrophoresis

Hugo Sachs Elektronik - Harvard Apparatus GmbH

The Leader in Advanced Tools for Physiology Research

Multi Channel Systems
Multi Channel Systems

Focused in the development of precise scientific measuring instrumentation in the field of electrophysiology

Panlab, S.L.- Harvard Apparatus Spain

A leading manufacturer and software developer of products for life science research in Spain.

Scie-Plas Ltd.
Scie-Plas Ltd.

Quality Electrophoresis and Radiation Protection at Economical Prices

Warner Instruments
Warner Instruments

Specialized Biomedical Instrumentation for Electrophysiological, Cellular and Neurological Sciences

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