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(LCS-1 Heat Exchanger) Liquid Cooling Device

Product Summary

The LCS-1 Liquid Cooling Heat Exchanger from Warner Instruments is a versatile and simple-to-use thermal control accessory for Peltier-driven devices.


  • Does not power Peltier devices
  • Designed for use with Peltier driven devices from Warner Instruments
  • Used to temperature manage the water jacket
  • Electrically and mechanically quiet

This apparatus circulates water through a fan/radiator housing and is designed to easily and quietly remove excess heat from the water jacket portion of all Warner Peltier-driven devices employing this technology.

This heat exchanger can also be used with any other apparatus, allowing the quiet removal of excess heat energy via the movement of circulating water. A great deal of effort has been dedicated towards making this system both mechanically and electrically quiet.

The LCS-1 is supplied with 20 feet of 1/8' ID x 1/4' OD Tygon tubing, two bottles of antifreeze, and a desktop power supply with line cord.

Pump Rate 4201/hr (111 gal/hr)
Power Input Universal Input 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
Power Output 12 VDC 540 mA
Power Connector Type 9 pin Male 'D'
Physical Dimensions
Chassis Size (D x W x H) 49.5 x 21.3 x 9.5 cm
Weight 3.63 kg (8 lbs)
Chassis Material Aluminum
Water Jacket Ports Male thread to1/8' Barb Fittings
Warranty One Year

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64-1704 ANT-1 Antifreeze (propylene glycol) for LCS-1, non-toxic, 2 oz Login Login

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