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Specialized Tools for Electrophysiology and Cell Biology Research

Pins, Plugs, Jacks, Seals & Caps

Product Summary

An assortment of gold-plated 1 mm plugs and jacks, with or without wires that are useful for grounding, shielding, and other electrical connections.


  • Plugs and Jacks
  • Wires
  • Pipette Seals

Plugs and Jacks

Product Model Order No.
1 mm Pin, pkg. of 10 WC1-10 64-1325
2 mm Pin, pkg. of 5 WC2-5 64-1326
1 mm Jack, PTFE Insulated, pkg. of 3 TJ1-3 64-1324
1 mm Pin with 30 cm L, 26 ga. Insulated Copper Wire, pkg. of 3 WA30-5 64-1328

Pipette and Wire Seals

Product Model Order No.
Pipette Seal for 1 mm OD glass, pkg. of 10 PS-10 64-1289
Pipette Seal for 1.5 mm OD glass, pkg. of 10 PS-15 64-1291



ID mm

OD mm

Thickness mm











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Order No. Model No. Product Description USA Price Order
Plugs and Jacks
64-1325 WC1-10 1 mm pin, 10 pack Login Login
64-1326 WC2-5 2.0 mm pin, 5 pack Login Login
64-1324 TJ1-3 1 mm jack, PTFE insulated, 3 pack Login Login
64-1328 WA30-5 26 gauge insulated copper wire, 30 cm long, with 1 mm pin, 3 pack Login Login
Pipette and Wire Seals
64-1289 PS-10 Pipette seal, fits 1.0 mm capillary, 10 pack Login Login
64-1291 PS-15 Pipette seal, fits 1.5 mm capillary, 10 pack Login Login

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