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Specialized Tools for Electrophysiology and Cell Biology Research

Introduction to NaviCyte

Product Summary

Warner Instruments offers two Navicyte Ussing chamber systems capable of supporting up to 8 independent chambers with all operating in parallel. These systems position the membrane either vertically or horizontally and are fully capable of supporting membranes or cell culture cups.

The standard assay for oral bioavailability!


Applications include:


  • Drug delivery
  • Toxicology
  • Pharmacokinetic analysis
  • Metabolism and transport

Navicyte Horizontal and Vertical Chamber Systems

The Harvard/NaviCyte patented line of horizontal and vertical diffusion chambers is designed for the study of transport across cultured cell monolayers or excised tissue under dynamic conditions. The basic system architecture shown here demonstrates the fundamental design of both the horizontal and vertical diffusion chamber systems.

While these systems are particularly well suited for non-electrical applications, the introduction of electrodes provides the expanded ability to make electrophysiological measurements.

NaviCyte chamber systems are manufactured from acrylic and can be temperature controlled.

Navicyte Vertical Chambers

The NaviCyte Vertical chamber system is designed for transport studies on excised tissue sections or on filter grown cell monolayers. Chambers are available with both circular and oblong openings and can also accommodate Snapwell culture cups. Membrane explants as well as culture cups are mounted vertically within the chamber.

Individual chamber blocks do not use inserts to hold membranes. Instead, tissues are directly placed between the opposing faces of the chamber-halves using a series of pins surrounding the chamber aperture. Low volume chambers are also available to reduce the amount of compound required to conduct permeability studies.

Navicyte Horizontal Chambers

The NaviCyte Horizontal chamber system is optimized for transport and toxicology studies using cells or membranes exposed to an air interface such as occurs in the in vivo environment (e.g., nasal, pulmonary, corneal, or dermal cells). However, in addition to the aforementioned air/liquid interface, these chambers also can be used in a liquid/liquid configuration.

The horizontal chambers create an environment wherein the basolateral surface is exposed to liquids, semi-solid compounds, or to gases while the apical surface remains perfused with medium. These chambers accept either 9 mm tissue mounting rings or Snapwell cell culture cups and can be used in either an open or closed configuration. In the closed configuration, electrodes can be brought to bear to make electrophysiological membrane resistance measurements.

NaviCyte Electrodes

The NaviCyte electrodes can be used with either the NaviCyte horizontal or vertical chamber systems and provides the ability to make electrophysiological recordings. Electrodes are terminated with a 2 mm pin connector and are compatible with our EC-800 or EC-825A Epithelial Voltage Clamps.

A Ag/AgCl reference electrode is contained in a glass barrel that terminates in a micro-porous ceramic tip. The barrel is filled with a suitable electrolyte solution, usually 3M KCl, and is refillable.

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