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VCS Computer-controlled Valve Control System

Product Summary

The Valve Control System lies at the heart of a multi-valve perfusion system designed to automate and control the delivery of solutions to imaging and recording chambers. The flexible design of these systems allows it to be used in diverse applications. The VCS systems are configured to control up to 8 Pinch, PTFE, or Mini valves.


  • Digital or analog switching for Patch Clamp applications
  • UI programmable valve protocols
  • Save and load protocols on hard drive
  • Download protocols to valve controller for permanent storage
  • Run and monitor protocols

Uncomplicated and Easy to Operate

Each valve is individually accessed by a manual touch display, the included PC software, an external analog signal, or an external digital signal (TTL). An event marker pulse, generated each time a valve is switched on, is provided for chart recordings. A syncronization pulse can be generated by use of the trigger/sync connector (digital I/O, TTL) to line up valve triggering and recordings for optimum data analysis.


Pinch Valve Systems

Pinch valves are the simplest to maintain as the solution never comes in contact with the valve and tubings are easily changed.
Valves are dual acting (3-way) with both normally open and closed sides. A Y-connector at the valve input permits solution flow to waste with the valve off.

PTFE Valve Systems

PTFE valves are available for applications where resistance to chemicals is a concern. The valves are 2-way (either on or off).

Mini-Valve Systems

These systems are designed for slow flow perfusion where smaller diameter tubing is used. The mini-valves mount directly to a compact PTFE manifold. The 3-way valves allow for solutions to flow to waste if desired. The system is ideally suited for use with the SF-77C perfusion stepper systems.

Touch and PC Software controlled

Valve Control Systems

  • Up to 8 channels
  • Choice of 3 valve types: Pinch, PTFE, or Miniature Lee Valves
  • Low noise
  • Low self-heating design
  • Just one analog signal to control all valves

VCS software user interface


The system can be operated either manually via touch display or via provided PC software. An SDK ia available for integrating into your own software.

7 “ Touch Display

  • Comfortable handling directly at the device
  • Allows for standalone operation by saving protocolls directly on valve controller
  • Change between manual, digital in, analog in and programmatic operation mode

Valve Stands

  • Software controllable for easy phase control
  • Available in all corresponding system sizes
  • Custom design for Pinch -, PTFE -, or Mini - Valves

VCS I/O connectors

Connector Options

  • Digital I/O
  • Analog in
  • Trig/Sync (for TTL and BNC)
  • Valve connector
  • USB 3.0 (for PC software control)

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