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(MM-33) Standard Manual Control Micromanipulators

Product Summary

Manual control micromanipulators are among the last pieces of classic research equipment that function by basic precision engineering.


  • 20 mm of travel in lateral (Y-axis) and vertical (Z-axis) graduated in 0.1 mm increments
  • 37 mm of travel in probe direction (X-axis) graduated in 0.1 mm increments plus 10 mm of travel with fine positioning in 0.01 mm increments
  • All three control knobs located in a single plane for one-handed operation and close positioning of several instruments side-by-side
  • For use with microscope magnifications up to 250x

How they work is precision engineering. How they 'feel' is art. These Micromanipulators have set the standard worldwide for decades. They are the most popular and widely used. Selecting the correct micomanipulator for your application is very important. The Standard Manual Control Micromanipulator with its numerous options was designed for repetitive applications.

The Standard Manual Control Micromanipulator has three stacked, stainless steel roller bearing raceways providing movement in the X, Y and Z axes. Rack and pinion drives minimize backlash and provide fast positioning and long life. The lateral (Y-axis) and vertical (Z-axis) planes each have 20 mm of travel graduated in 0.1 mm increments. The probe direction (X-axis) has 37 mm of travel. Two adjustments are provided. The coarse adjustment is graduated in 0.1 mm increments while the fine adjustment provides 10 mm of travel with precision positioning graduated in 0.01 mm increments.

A unique and valuable feature of these Standard Manual Control Micromanipulators is that the three control knobs are located in a single plane. This positioning permits one-handed control of a single instrument, without taking the operator's eyes from the microscope. It also allows several micromanipulators to be closely positioned side-by-side with all control knobs easily accessible. They are available for both right- and left-handed use.

Tool/Electrode Holder Each micromanipulator is supplied complete with one or two tool/electrode holders. The second holder has two fine controls that allow movement of 8 mm in both the lateral (Y) and probe (X) direction independent of the Micromanipulator. Two additional fine controls allow this second tool/electrode holder to be tilted and swiveled.

Tilt Base or Clamp Mounting Each micromanipulator is offered with a choice of either a tilt base or a clamp to mount the micromanipulator on a 13 mm (1/2 inch) OD vertical rod. Other clamps are available as accessories. The tilt base permits the manipulator to be tilted 70° from the upright position. The manipulators with clamp mount are supplied with a 1/2 inch to 10 mm bushing which permits mounting on a magnetic base.

MM-33 tilt base
Travel range X-axis: 37 mm
Y-axis: 20 mm
Z-axis: 25 mm
Fine adjustment 10 mm
Material Aluminum
Surface Anodic coating, black laquered
Weight 650 g
Tilt base Footprint: 6 x 13 cm
Maximum tilt: 70°

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Clamp Base
64-0056 MM-33R Micromanipulator with clamp base, right handed Login Login
Tilt Base
64-0058 MM-33RT Micromanipulator with tilt base, right handed Login Login
64-0057 MM-33LT Micromanipulator with tilt base, left handed Login Login

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